I am a stay at home mom who, let’s face it, needs to “get away” every once in a while…to do so, I LOVE to lose myself in a good book (which is during my “free time”, usually at night).  My favorites are YA, romances (not necessary with all the gory details!), paranormal, and light-hearted mysteries.  But when I am in mommy mode during the day, I love trying new recipes and whipping up new creations – or slam dunking-it with a tried and true family favorite.  My kiddos and my hubby are my LIFE and I just love being blessed enough to take care of and be the “Jane of all trades” for them.  But to me, there is nothing better than settling down at the end of the day with a mug of peppermint ice cream and a good book!

Please note that all of my reviews are posted on the following social media sites, as well as here on my blog:

I hope you enjoy everything I post – or even if you don’t, I appreciate taking the time to look around and giving me some kind suggestions on how I could improve.  I’m looking forward to throwing my own brand of entertainment at you 🙂  Blessings!!


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