Rite of Revelation (Acceptance Book 2) by Sarah Negovetich

 Rite of Revelation (Acceptance Book 2) by Sarah Negovetich

rite of revelation

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars

When Rebecca and Daniel decided to come forward with the truth about the Acceptance ceremony and how the Cardinal only uses it weed out those that don’t fit mold of the perfect citizens – to try and create a perfect society – they never foresaw the lack of change.  But they did expect for the Cardinal to want to punish them for their disobedience.  For Rebecca, that meant a “public” apology via a new video saying that she way wrong – while Daniel was severely beaten and used as leverage to force Rebecca to read the prepared speech.  But Eric the prisoner turned guard that Rebecca had convinced herself she could be happy with as long as she was free during the beginning of their time together in the PIT – back before he betrayed her and her friends escape attempt that ended up leaving one of them dead – comes in to Rebecca and Daniel’s rescue.  The three are able to escape the PIT, along with Eric’s sister Elizabeth, Daniel’s sister Patrice, Constance, and her husband Thomas.  The road to freedom isn’t an easy one for the group – especially as the Cardinal has it bad for punishing Rebecca for her stunt while in the PIT.

When everything they have ever been taught comes into question and they end up meeting up with actual settlers that have been able to live outside the Territories for years without the Cardinal’s “protection”, the group is in awe.  They begin to cultivate new friendships and start feeling like they belong somewhere.  However, when a member of their village becomes deathly ill, Rebecca sees it as her penance for so many people dying in the PIT after her escape to get the medication needed to help – even if it means she has to personally go back to the Territories to find it.  While no one thinks it safe for her to go herself, she makes sure that no stone is unturned while searching for the rare medication – even heading to a neighboring village with whom they have unresolved issues with to find it.  With much toil and pain, while they finally do find the medication, it ends up all for not as their friend was too far gone in her sickness and her illness ends up claiming her life.  And not only is the village faced with the loss of a cherished member, it is also discovered that the Cardinal has started sending out troops out to look for Rebecca specifically.  With all her guilt still brewing over those that have fallen due to helping her, Rebecca is first in line to run a rescue attempt when the same neighboring village with whom they are at turmoil with is attacked.  Life for Rebecca was never meant to be so difficult, but she is always first in line to help a fellow person in need.

I am still amazed at how strong Rebecca stays throughout her journey.  Even when life gives her lemons, she picks them up and throws them right back at it!  She is loyal, caring, genuine, and never backs down from a fight over those she cares about.  I just loved the first book, and this one certainly lived up to my expectations for the second book in the series.  Ms. Negovetich does a great job of showing that no matter the conditions, family isn’t where you live, or even the conditions in which you live, but HOW you live with those that you love and care about – something Rebecca is an expert at.  I am really looking forward to finding out more about the Cardinal and just who he is, and why he is the way he is…hopefully that will come in the next book (hint, hint)!


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