The Summer Marked by Rebekah L. Purdy

The Summer Marked by Rebekah L. Purdy

the summer marked

5+ stars!

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

Now that Salome has broken the Winter Curse and decided to live in Faerie with Gareth, they believe that the worst of times are behind them.  Little do they know that the Winter Queen has big plans for the rest of Faerie, which includes taking out the last remaining Kingdom – Summer.  Being a Warrior of the Summer Kingdom, Gareth has held the Kingdom together while it’s King, Nevin, was back in the human world under the Winter Curse.  So when the recently freed King of Summer Nevin and Salome’s ex-boyfriend in the human world comes to them at Gareth’s ranch and request their assistance – Salome is skeptical of Nevin’s intensions and wants to refuse his request.  But being the diligent warrior that he is, Gareth gets Salome to reluctantly agree to being escorted to the Summer castle – under Nevin’s ever watchful eye.  Of course with a vengeful Winter Queen on the loose, the journey is not without its hardships – they traveling pair of Salome and Gareth encounter many dangers and nearly succumb to some, but when they stumble upon the Ruined Court, a few ghosts help save them.

Finally making it to the Summer Castle safely, Gareth is swept away almost immediately with war and scouting plans to try to defeat the Winter Court’s horrible hold on the rest of Faerie. He and Salome have no time to talk, but when King Nevin invites them to dine with him, he reveals what Gareth was so hesitant to talk to her about – Nevin proposes that he and Salome marry, to strengthen the Winter court, as Nevin can tell that Salome is getting powers.  When Salome declines and chooses Gareth, the next day he sets off to defend the Winter boarders.  As it happens, Gareth is mortally wounded while on the battlefield, and Salome knows that she is his only hope of surviving – but only if she weds Nevin, as their powers grow stronger when bound in marriage.  Without Gareth’s moral compass to help her, Salome sorrowfully accepts – so she can save Gareth’s life.  But when Salome learns that her best-friend is in Faerie working with the Winter Queen, will her faith be shattered or strengthened in humanity and the occupants of the Faerie?

I must say that while I mildly enjoyed the first book in the series, I could not put this one DOWN!  It was entertaining, gave a lot of detail and insight into the feud the Winter Queen felt, as well as how and why Salome was not just the beginning, but the future of the Faerie kingdom.  I was thrilled at the twists and turns I was taken on throughout both Kadie and Salome’s adventures, as well as the roles that they both have been destined to take throughout each other’s lives – not just in the human world, but also in Faerie.  I was REALLY looking forward to seeing what adventures lay ahead for them both, and if a little ol’ human girl has the power to save or annihilate an entire world!


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