Soul Corrupted (Of Demon and Angels Book 2) by Lisa Gail Green

Soul Corrupted (Of Demon and Angels Book 2) by Lisa Gail Green

soul corrupted

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

3 ½ stars!

When Josh saved Grace’s life and was given another chance at a better afterlife, with Grace at his side in Heaven. They are finally in each other’s arms, but Grace is having trouble adjusting to her new found happiness – worrying that she doesn’t deserve to be so happy when her family is still in such turmoil over her loss. And when her and Josh are put back on Anti-Christ lookout duty, Grace can only think of her family – her little brother Noah who seems to be headed down the path that Josh was once on, straight to the Boss himself. With Keira now battling for Noah’s soul and the Boss trying to distract Grace and Josh from the next Anti-Christ, the two heavenly beings start to feel the strain on their relationship.

And now that Josh has made a deal with the Boss once more, in an attempt to keep Grace out of harm’s way and save Noah from a terrible decision, Josh is forced to pretend he no longer loves Grace – which breaks her further, but also helps her pull herself together and realize what she wants and how she needs to get it. The only problem with Grace’s problems is everything – Noah may have already lost a losing battle, Josh might be heading back “downstairs”, and Grace could lose everything she ever loved. It’s a battle of good, evil, and the power of love.

I really enjoyed this book – it left right where the last left off, but with Grace’s guilt overwhelming her to the point of affecting everything from her “job” to her relationships. Josh’s all consuming love for Grace should be enough, but you can feel that there is something between them almost from the first page. I definitely thought there could have been a little more insight into Grace’s thoughts for her actions – I was left feeling a little confused and bummed (no spoilers though!). I am hoping that the final book in the series will answer all those burning questions I at least was left with…good middle, but certainly expecting something big for the next book!


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