Old Dog, New Tricks (Black Dog Book 4) by Hailey Edwards

old dog, new tricks

 Old Dog, New Tricks (Black Dog Book 4) by Hailey Edwards by Hailey Edwards

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

Now that Marshal Thierry Thackeray and daddy dearest Macsen, aka The Black Dog, have been reunited, Thierry’s life consists of practicing fighting and having her dad bunk on her couch.  That doesn’t leave much time for her and her hot incubus boyfriend Marshal Jackson “Shaw” to spend some quality time together.  Add all of that together with the fact that Thierry just found out that her mom and Mac are “back together”, she is feeling mighty frustrated with life right now.  So when Shaw goes missing, Thierry knows exactly where to look and who to ask – her “husband” Rook, the Unseelie Prince who tricked her into a marriage so he could take over the throne once she when back to the human realm.  But when Thierry and Mac travel back to Faerie, Rook and Shaw are nowhere to be seen.  In fact, word around is that Rook disappeared when the Morrigan overtook the throne from his temporary ruling.

Figuring that the only way to truly help Faerie is to destroy the six tethers allowing the Faerie inhabitants to travel between the two worlds – as well as the Morrigan to escape into the human world and have an endless human buffet at her fingertips.  But it is not an easy feat – Thierry and Mac will have many obstacles, as the tethers are all over Faerie in the different seasons.  They know that Morrigan will not let the tethers go without a fight.  As they go about the difficult task of destroying the remaining bridges back to the human realm and trying to save Shaw, Thierry begins to wonder if happily ever after is even a possibility for her.

I must say that I really enjoyed watching Thierry through her journey over the last four books – with exception of the first book, I really loved seeing how her life fell into place – good or bad (no spoilers here!).  She was in a strange place being a unique being – half human, half faerie, but she really was able to find her place in the world.  From Mac, to her mom, Shaw to Rook – Thierry had a lot on her plate and Ms. Edwards was really able to convey a very real young lady with real problems and real feelings.  This book was a terrific ending to a great series, even if I am sad to see Thierry go!


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