Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon

Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon

blackmail boyfriend

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars

How far would you go to preserve your reputation…?  Faced with a difficult predicament of being “un-dateable” due to her overprotective older brothers, high school junior Haley Patterson is in a complicated position.  Her twin brothers that are seniors at her school, and they look after her like a hawk – which means no boy will get within 10 feet of her as they are all too scared of her brothers.  But when an opportunity presents itself with the very popular and gorgeous bad-boy Bryce Colton, being a smart girl, Haley jumps at the chance to show her brothers that they’ve met their match and show other guys that she is completely dateable, despite her overbearing brothers.  So she blackmails Bryce into being her “boyfriend” for a period of three weeks.

At first, neither can stand the other and their acting skills are put to the test, but as they spend more time together they start to learn things about each other.  But as Bryce’s hoity-toity family is not great at showing emotions, he doesn’t know the first thing about acting like her really cares for Haley – like he’s in a real and meaningful relationship.  Seeing Haley interact with her family breaks down some of Bryce’s barriers, but when more poop hits the proverbial fan within his family, he starts pulling away and reverting back to his post-blackmail boyfriend ways…but is it a defense mechanism that he’s learned to put up when things get difficult, or is he really starting to feel things for Haley and it’s scary the heck out of him?   The real question is will either of them come away unscathed, or will they find a way to become something worth holding onto?

First of all, I’d like to say I can’t get enough of Ms. Cannon’s great writing!  She finds her way into your heart with her writing and leaves you with characters that you’d love to meet and befriend in real life.  Her characters seem to jump off the page and make you feel like you are a part of their world.  Haley, Bryce, and their friends are no exception – their ups and downs leapt into your hearts and brought a smile to your face.  This was yet another refreshing and clean story that is great for teens and adults alike!


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