Lie Down with Dogs (Black Dog Book 3) by Hailey Edwards

lie down with dogs

Lie Down with Dogs (Black Dog Book 3) by Hailey Edwards

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

Princess Thierry Thackeray of the House Unseelie…unwanted title number one; wife to Rook, son of the Morrigan, who is Unseelie royalty…unwanted title number two.  When Thierry was allowed one year worth of leave before taking up her role as Queen of Faerie, she intended to live life to its fullest – enjoying her job, time with her best-friend Mai, and mending things with her mother…and then there’s Shaw, her incubus ex-boyfriend who is also a marshal.  When Thierry gets suspended from her job for two weeks due to “unnecessarily endangering herself” as the Unseelie princess – one of the conditions she agreed to when returning to her job was that she’d run all of her field work through the magistrates before accepting them – she and Mai decide to get away for some girls time in Daytona Beach.  The only problem is that since Shaw can only “feed” from Thierry, she can’t leave him alone for long.  So Shaw decides to look into his sister in-law’s cold case – she disappeared one day ten years ago and until recently, no one has heard from her since.  But there has been a lead that Shaw has wanted to follow up on – a sighting – that of course puts him in Florida also.

Excited about her adventure with Mai, the girls sets off toward some beach time – but not without Diode, the giant cat that helped her survive in Faerie, and her two Unseelie guards that she un-fondly nicknames Righty and Lefty as she can’t keep their names straight.  Shaw takes up his place an hour away in Orlando, looking into the lead on his sister in-law, but is keeping tabs on her too.  But when their vacations takes a turn for the weird (par for the course for poor Thierry) and she senses an Ancient – an extremely old Faerie with very strong magic – at the hotel they are staying at.  So when Mai is drugged, Thierry is fearful for her friend and insists they move from Daytona to Orlando – where Shaw is staying – for all of their safety.  But Mai’s father insists she leaves to rest and recuperate, it leaves Thierry and Shaw (along with the ever-faithful guards and big cat Diode) to go back to Daytona to continue investigating the Ancient.  Upon their investigation, Thierry uncovers a greater evil that any of them could even imagine and evil so great, that it could mean the end of Thierry for good this time.  Can she bide her time and survive this great evil, or will she give in to a mastermind fae capable of so much malevolence, even she can’t beat it alone.

WOW – this was the best book yet in the series!  I was so intrigued by the ever-changing relationship between Shaw and Thierry.  There were so many twist and turns between them, and the way a simple uncertainty can become a gaping hole that rips and tears at something as beautiful as a love between two people – no matter their differences or doubts about themselves.  Thierry didn’t show as much strength in this book as the others, but Shaw made up for it in his hidden devotion and feelings for her.  I wanted to know more and see more of the relationship development – but was left craving more until the very last page with more uncertainty hiding behind the unwritten pages of the next book.  I am so excited about this series and can hardly wait to sink my “claws” into it!


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