Heir of the Dog (A Black Dog Book # 2) by Hailey Edwards

heir of the dog

Heir of the Dog (A Black Dog Book # 2) by Hailey Edwards

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

Perfect job…CHECK!  Perfect man…well, that one has fallen a little flat for Marshal Thierry Thackeray.  Being the Black Dog’s daughter, as well as half human, it’s left her is a strange place in the relationship department – no one wants their soul sucked out with a simple hand hold after all.  Since Thierry’s perfect man was also her partner, Shaw – her teacher turned partner – she’s been on her own for the past year.  But of course the past can never stay in the past, at least not when you’re in the business of hunting down fae and when Shaw comes back into town, Thierry can feel the heat still burning under the surface for Shaw.  She figures that she can stay professional and act like an adult, and since Shaw seniority within the agency, they are stuck together when a strange case rears its ugly head…or more specifically its big black feathers.  Somehow, a fae from the Faerie has crossed the border between their world and the human world…and not just anyone, but the son of the Morrigan, the Faerie prince of the Unseelie court.

Once again, Thierry’s world is turned on its axis once again – with news that her father has gone missing from Faerie and that the current king has met his end.  And with the Morrigan’s son whom Thierry un-fondly begins calling him “Raven” due to his uncanny connection with the birds showing up again – this time in Thierry’s apartment building as her new upstairs neighbor, Thierry starts feeling like things are going to change…again.  As time is running out now that the King of Faerie is dead and Thierry’s father missing, Faerie is falling apart – and it’s not just a problem for the Faerie world, it could spill over into the human world if a solution is not found.  And when Thierry’s mother is kidnapped, she’ ready to have someone’s head…but before she can act, Raven compels her and takes her into Faerie.  When Thierry arrives in Faerie and learns that only her family line – their blood – can bind the new King of Faerie.  And the simple fact that Thierry is half mortal – so no unending lives for her – causes her to go on an adventure, alongside Raven, to find her father and leave Faerie behind forever.  But what she’s in for might just change her life more than she realizes.

Once again, Thierry is smart, strong, and has so much perseverance.  She is bound and determined to live as normal a life as possible – if you call being a “monster hunter” and being able to take someone’s soul with a simple touch normal…and despite never meeting her father, you can feel the heartache that she feels over growing up with just her mother.  She also feels a lot of guilt and doesn’t want to be a burden to her mother.  Her relationship with Raven (who is later to be discovered to be named Rook) is complicated to say the least.  She doesn’t trust him, but being in a place like Faerie, he’s the only one she feels like she can rely on.  With all the twists and turns, the things that Thierry thinks are her biggest down falls, may just end up being the things that can save her life.


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