Dog With A Bone (Black Dog Book 1) by Hailey Edwards

dog with a bone

Dog With A Bone (Black Dog Book 1) by Hailey Edwards

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

The night of Thierry Thackeray’s 13th birthday, she had her 5 best friends over for a fun sleepover…no could have foreseen what would happen that night, or that it’d be the end of those 5 girls’ lives – especially not the shocked Thierry that watched as she sucked the souls out of the girls with merely a simple touch of her left hand and left them lifeless husks on her bedroom floor.  But that’s what happens when your mother unknowingly has a fling with a fae being – you get a half-breed fae child that may or may not get powers similar to their father’s, and certainly won’t know how to use the powers should they manifest.  Forced to move from their hometown of Galveston, Texas to a small town called Wink so Thierry could be protected and taught by the conclave, while Thierry has thrived from all the knowledge, it’s been a difficult road for her mother and their relationship has been strained because of it.  And since she’s never seen her father – let alone met him – she has relied on her instructor and friend, Jackson “Shaw”, a Marshal who is like the police of the fae in the human world.  Being that he’s an incubus, it hasn’t been easy for Thierry to maintain a professional relationship with him through the years without wanting to jump his bones, but through it all they keep their relationship purely professional (with some minor flirting here and there).

So when Thierry passes her rigorous test to become a Marshal herself – under Shaw’s tutelage – she finally starts feeling like she can give back to the world.  Only problem is that it she is once again paired with Shaw, but this time as his partner…and they are having an even harder time keeping their hands to themselves.  Thrust into immediate action on their first case, the pair is tasked with finding out how some major fae breeds – dangerous fae breeds – are making their way into their normally fairly quite territory at a farm of a very human couple.  The more they look into and investigate the two, Thierry and Shaw become convinced there is more at play than a normal looking farmer and his high-society interior decorator wife.  They become convinced that this time, it might just be the fae that needs to be protected from the humans.  The only problems will be proving their absurd claims and making it through their first case without falling into bed together!  When there are fae at play, it’s a guarantee they will never play fair…

When I first started this book, I truly had no preconceived notions about it.  I honestly wasn’t quite sure what it was about – aside from the fact that it was fae related, which is a genre I usually enjoy reading.  But after the first couple of pages, I was seriously hooked and couldn’t get through the book quickly enough – to find out if Thierry ever meets her father, or gets a shot at Shaw, or what crazy thing she’d do next in the name of her job as a marshal.  The chemistry between the smoking hot incubus Shaw and half-human Thierry was immense and all consuming.  Thierry is smart, funny, and loyal – all the makings of a great heroine.  What a great start to a series – what will happen next to the Dog’s daughter…I couldn’t stay away from this series if I tried!


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