Infinity: A Paranormal Romance (Valkyries: Soaring Raven Book 1) by Sedona Venez


Infinity: A Paranormal Romance (Valkyries: Soaring Raven Book 1) by Sedona Venez

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

 3 stars!

 As if being a superstar bad girl isn’t enough, 22 year old Infinity has recently started having bizarre dreams of a strange woman, who is giving advice and telling her things that will happen in the future.  Seeing as she just got out of the hospital from a Rejuvenator overdose – a drug that helps take the strange dreams away and let her feel just a little bit normal, the last thing Infinity needs is her adopted mom Kara’s cryptic ramblings about shape-shifters and vampires again.  But the night before a huge concert that she has been stressing about for weeks (thus the drug over-dose), Infinity is at her adopted brother Mason’s club for a post-show party when the weird and reality take a serious head-on crash into her life.

 Now Infinity is faced with who her adopted mother really is, the possibility that she has the potential for great darkness, or she may just be the savior the Others – the shape-shifters, vampires, and Immortals – have been waiting for.  When two men step up to “claim” her as their own, as their True Mate – Alik, the head of one of the vampire clans and Boulder, the head of one of the wolf-shifter families – Infinity is fed up with feeling like the never ending pawn in an age old battle.  But when another Other family steps up to claim her, this one a little closer to her family, she realizes that this life is coming for her – like it or not.

 I found the story interesting, but the plot and characters to fall a little flat for me.  Infinity is 22 – not some pre-teen, which is how she very often acts.  But then in other situations, she acts well beyond her years and very mature (which honestly is not often).  She is so reliant on others that it makes her seem weak and not able to handle things.  Enter then leading men – sometimes they act like they are straight out a harlequin romance novel (“You are MINE baby”…yuck!).  The plot progression was a little stuttered as well, sometimes it followed along at a good clip, but other times (most times, sadly), it fell flat and left me as a reader feeling confused as to how something just happened, as there wasn’t enough plot building.  Overall, okay – just not amazing.


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