Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw

atlantis rising

Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw

**I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

3 stars!

Alison McKye is different…she’s invisible, or at least that what she makes people think.  She achieves that by wearing non-descript clothes, thick rimmed glasses, and keeping her head down – that and she literally can push thoughts into other’s minds and they react.  She noticed she was different from the age of 8 that she could push thoughts into someone’s mind, she never got sick, and she has a photographic memory.  Being adopted, she’s never known why she had these differences – never known anyone from her biological family.  But she loves her adopted parents and brother – they’ve always supported her and made her feel like even though she has the keep her head down at school, that she can always be herself with them.

On her first day of her senior year in high school, Alison comes up against something she’s never faced before – a new boy Ian and his cousin Brandy who won’t take no for an answer.  They refuse to accept her invisibility.  But she can tell they are hiding something also – although she wants no part in finding out what that is.  So when she gets stuck with an English project with Ian, she is forced to go outside her comfort zone and learn about the mysterious Ian and Brandy.  And what she finds out goes beyond what she ever could have thought possible – she’s actual part of an ancient race from the depths of Atlantis, a Dewing.  She is a Thoughtmaker that can change the Dewing race forever.  With a war raging, every side will do whatever it takes to either keep her safe, or use her power for evil…if only Alison knew which side truly wanted her for which task.  Struggling to place her trust in people she’s never met, but claim they want to protect her and help her learn about her heritage and powers, she sets off on a journey that will forever change her.

When I first started reading Atlantis Rising, Alison really confused me, talking to herself about pushing thoughts into random people’s minds – but once she explains meeting another man when she was 14 who somehow knew what she could do, it fell more into place.  I thought it was a great new take on someone of the sea, but not a mermaid (in fact, the story never even has any of the Dewing even NEAR the water).  I also really liked Ian and Brandy’s characters – they were very easy to like and they were kind to anyone, humans and Dewings alike.  And while I thought the romance between Ian and Alison was cute, unfortunately, that’s where my list of “likes” sadly ends.  Alison’s plans are constantly changing, which drove me crazy – for such a seemingly smart, self-sufficient young-lady, she can never make up her mind.  And some of the explanations of the “whose” or the “what’s” regarding either the enemy Dewing or why they have/ are doing something was sadly lacking.  Also, the book just seem to end – there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of resolve on what was going to happen to Alison once they have overcome their obstacles – it felt like it just stopped.  Is her journey ongoing (another book), or did she just live happily ever after (only this one book)…?  It was definitely an interesting book, but it simply felt like a lot of detail was overlooked or left out.  Overall, a decent and quick read, but would have loved to learn more about the Dewings and what else is in store for them.


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