Rite of Rejection (Acceptance Book 1) by Sarah Negovetich

rite of rejection

Rite of Rejection (Acceptance Book 1) by Sarah Negovetich

**I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**

4 ½ stars!

Book description:

Straight-laced, sixteen-year-old Rebecca can’t wait for her Acceptance. A fancy ball, eligible bachelors, and her debut as an official member of society. Instead, the Machine rejects Rebecca. Labeled as a future criminal, she’s shipped off to a life sentence in a lawless penal colony.

A life behind barbed wire fences with the world’s most dangerous people terrifies Rebecca. She reluctantly joins a band of misfit teens in a risky escape plan, complete with an accidental fiancé she’s almost certain she can learn to love.

But freedom comes with a price. To escape a doomed future and prove her innocence Rebecca must embrace the criminal within.

Pros: Rebecca is a survivor.  Even without her family and friends that she grew up with, she knows that if she wants to live, she has to be smart, flexible, and sharp.  I really liked that even though she was in prison, she stays strong and retains her wit – even when she feels like her will is going to be broken, she knows she is meant for greatness – even if it looks hopeless.  She wants to be the change – is determined to be the change.  Along with the romantic notes that are throughout the story, Rebecca always tries to stay true to who she is.  And when that means being the change her world needs to stop innocent people from being unjustly imprisoned, even if it could and very well could spell the end of her, Rebecca shows the world, and those she loves, just who she really is.

Cons: Ultimately, I didn’t really feel there were many negative aspects, just parts of the story I wasn’t super excited about – like how one’s family could just give up on them, just because a machine says they could POSSIBLY, one day become a criminal.  When really they are just too smart to become the cattle that the rest of the world – believing the words of the leader above the knowledge that their loved ones are still the same people they have raised and loved their whole lives.  So really, not an issue with Ms. Negovetich’s writing or story, but with humanity itself.

Overall impression: Really enjoyed the story and am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next for Rebecca and her unlikely crew.


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