Suspicion by Alexandra Monir


Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

5 HUGE stars!

Let me start by saying I COULDN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!  Now, I don’t normally start a review so forwardly, but this book was AWESOME!  That coupled with the gorgeous cover, I think that Ms. Monir has hit an absolute home run with this book!  I mean, I literally had a “book hangover” as I didn’t want to sleep – just find out more and what was going to happen next!

Imogene Rockford has had a rough go at life…at the age of 10, her parents, aunt, and uncle are all killed in a tragic fire at her family’s estate, Rockford Manor in the English County side.  Prior to his untimely death, her father was second in line to the Dukedom, behind his brother and father, who was the current Duke of Wickersham at the time.  Of course, since her father and uncle did pass away, that left Imogene’s elder cousin, Lucia, next in line under her grandfather.  And with the awful memories of what happened there, Imogene opts to live with her family friends, the Marino’s, in her native NYC.  Of course that means leaving behind one of the real reasons she loved visiting England – Sebastian Stanhope, a family friend whom she of course has a girlhood crush on…that and her cousin Lucia who was like a big sister of sorts to her.  But when Imogene finds out they are involved with each, it makes the decision that much easier to leave that life behind, along with the graves of her parents.

Fast forward 7 years, Imogene is a senior in high school about ready to graduate – but before her graduation occurs, there is news of her family estate that shocks both her and her guardians, the Marino’s.  Imogene has just inherited everything within the Rockford Manor…she is the next Duchess of Wickersham.  But she is puzzled by this, as the true next heir should be Lucia…accept she is dead too.  Disconcerted with the current situation – that both her grandfather and cousin, her only remaining relatives, have now passed away – Imogene knows it’s time to go back, to claim her family’s home and title.  But what happens to Imogene and the twists and turns that that world brings back to her have her missing the home and adopted family she grew up with the last 7 years…there are some dark secrets in the Rockford Manor – some that might just be worth killing for.   And of course there is now the issue of the Stanhope family, more specifically, Sebastian to deal with…her feelings have unfortunately for her, have not dwindled at all.  But could her relationship with Sebastian be putting them in more danger?

SOOOOOO many good plot twists – some will shock and awe, the others will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.  I also really loved that I would feel very comfortable recommending this book to anyone from ages 12 and up – it was a good clean family mystery!  Of course it has its share of innocent first loves in it, but completely suitable in all aspects!  Will definitely be recommending Suspicion to many – great book!!


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