The Boy with the Hidden Name: Otherworld Book Two by Skylar Dorset

boy with the hidden name

The Boy with the Hidden Name: Otherworld Book Two by Skylar Dorset

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 ½ stars!

Benedict La Fay will betray you.  And then he will die.  After Benedict Le Fay disappears out of Selkie Stewart’s life, in search of his mother – after his declaration of his affections for her and a promise to always be there for her – Selkie’s life seemingly goes back to normal…that is if normal is having all kinds of supernatural creatures looking for the magical book they stole together with Will Blaxton, from the Boston Public Library.  But a few days after her last adventure ends, being that she is half faerie princess and half ogre – as well as the Fay of the Autumnal Equinox, part of a whole of 4 Fay that make up the prophecy that is keeping the faeries out of the Thisworld (the human world) and stuck to the Otherworld where they belong, Selkie is set on a new adventure – to save her world.  The Seelies have been trying to get in, and they won’t take the enchantment that Ben put in place any longer, especially in his absence – they begin by literally putting out the sun.

Selkie, Will, her BFF Kelsey, and Ben’s cousin Sanford begin on a journey to look for Ben in the Unseelie Court.  Will is certain Ben is needed to fulfill the prophecy and find the other 3 fays.  Along the way, they look to the goblins to help – their leader, the Erkling helps them find a way into the Unseelie Court.  But the fays never play fair – they like to torture their prey first and so the games begin for the prophecy seeking team.  Between ticked off dragons, the Unseelies, and Selkie’s mom, it’s a gamble if they will be able to save themselves and the world.

I thought Selkie really found herself in this book.  While she is constantly questioning herself throughout, she also knows what she wants – to fulfill the prophecy and protect those she loves.  Little does she know that still might include Ben – the boy she has loved as long as she can remember, even if he did betray her.  She is strong, compassionate, and have terrific instincts, slipping things in her pocket that she knows will be handy along the way.  She believes in her cause and those helping her, even if they end up doing something to endanger their cause, she still tries to see the good.  And Ben…swoon!  He was lost, but all it took was Selkie to help him see the way.  They are each other’s true north and are a perfect match!

I loved all the twists and turns that the story took, and was a little confused about ¾ of the way through, however, was ultimately thrilled with the way the story came to an end.  It was a fun, inventive, and creative spin on the faerie stories, one that will definitely be recommended, as it had everything for everyone – romance, adventure, and intrigue.  All in all, an ending that left me with a true smile on my face!

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Want to connect with the author, Skylar Dorset?  Check out her Facebook page here for more of her literal genius!  Or her website here!


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