Anomaly (Schrodinger’s Consortium) by Tonya Kuper


Anomaly (Schrodinger’s Consortium) by Tonya Kuper

**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

On her 17th birthday, Josie Harper is feeling a plethora of emotions…disappointment, hurt, shock, and a little bit of apprehension seeing as she has just turned the same age as her brother when he died.  Well, that and the fact that her first serious boyfriend just dumped her…in the cafeteria…and asked if they could still be friends.  Between that and her father being MIA (and it looking like it may be a permanent situation), Josie doesn’t think her life could get any worse.  She of course has her three friends, her over-protective mom, and her little brother, Eli, but Josie knows she is meant to do something big with her life – if only things could just go her way once in a while.

Enter the hot looking mystery hunk that just rolled up on his black motorcycle and the fact that he happens to look exactly like Josie just imagined he would, and he is looking right at her.  Holy new student!!  Reid Wentworth just made her sucky day more interested to look at…but it’s what she doesn’t know about the mystery man that will make everything look dull and her future look anything but boring.  Josie is introduced to the world of Consortium and Resistance, Anomalys, Pushers, and Retractors…she is an Oculi – and an extremely powerful one at that.  But the road she heads down with Reid is riddled with confusion and a TON more questions for Josie – leaving her feeling like she never knew herself at all…or did she?  The headaches and nausea she would fight just before her reality would change – someone’s appearance, the world around her, even weapons, all with just a thought.

The Consortium wants all Anomalys taken out – stating they have far too much power, were the Resistance wants them to come together and make a stand…to use their powers for good.  It’s a game of right, wrong, wrong, right that Josie lands smack in the middle of – with only Reid and his Resistance buddy Santos to rely on and to train her.  Until Josie gets an even bigger bomb dropped on her that makes her question her life even further – but she still feels like this is what she was meant to do, and with Reid by her side.  Can Reid help her outrun the Consortium, or will they catch her and exterminate her like the pest they see her as?

First of all – LOVE the cover!!  I’m not going to say that I judge a book by its cover, but it definitely has to have some visual appeal, and this one certainly did!  Josie’s character literally jumped to life on the first page for me, partly thanks to the amazing imagine on the cover.  But that was only the surface – once I got to know Josie more (even after just a few pages), with her sweet nerdiness, and her love of all things science, I knew that she could only get better as the story progressed.  And that she did – while she may be small and nerdy, she is also strong and charming, which serve her well as she learns all the things that make up the reason for her brother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and the sudden appearance of people wanting to kill her.  Reid is amazing – he’s supportive, kind, smart, and did I mention adorable?  I wanted to gobble these two up with how cute their budding relationship was!  He likes her, she likes him, but due to issues on both sides, they try to keep it low key.  All I can say is that I hope Josie and Reid continue kicking butt and taking names in the next book –alternating POVs, terrific chemistry and LOTS of action!  What more can a nerdy book girl ask for?


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