Catch Me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh

catch me when i fall

Catch Me When I Fall (Dreamcatcher book 1) by Vicki Leigh

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars!

What if the things that go bump in the night were real…with fangs and claws, just waiting to bring out your insecurities and fears night after night, with just a simple touch?  For Dreamcatcher Daniel, these nasties – Nightmares – are real, and his job for over two-hundred years has been to kill them and keep his charges safe from their  they try to inflict on their slumbering victims.  He’s one of the best in his field – imbecile record at keeping people’s dreams peaceful and happy, with the help of the Dreamweavers who literally watch over and weave out all the happy dreams.  But when he is assigned a difficult case – a young lady in a mental ward, 16 year old Kayla Bartlett, who claims she light her mother’s boyfriend on fire upon him attacking her, just by thinking about it, he just knows he may have met his match.

While Watching her, she has an abnormally high number of Nightmares that try to attack her, which then go after the Dreamweaver, Tabbi, stabbing her with Daniel’s knife by one of the Nightmares.  He gets Tabbi to safety, and gets back to Kayla (as a Dreamcatcher, he has the ability to evaporate anywhere he wants to instantly, just by imagining the place) where he manages to kill the remaining Nightmare who is attacking her.  From that night on, Daniel and Kayla inch toward a slippery slope, as a Dreamcatcher’s number one rule is to not tell humans about their kind.  But Daniel feels a strange pull toward her, and one night upon an attack, Daniel goes from invisible to corporeal to comfort her, it cements their involvement.  And as the attacks on Kayla intensify, as does her attachment to Daniel – so when they notice a wrath coming for them one evening out in Paris (on yes, who doesn’t go on their first date to Paris??), they come to the conclusion that a dark warlock has once again come back to attack using the Nightmares as his catalysts.  All hell is about to break loss…but will the budding romance that Daniel and Kayla have last through the impending war?

I really enjoyed Kayla’s character – she is strong, even in the face of the horrors that she faced and put her in the situation she is in when she meets Daniel.  She is true to herself and her “friends”.  I loved to see the way her and Daniel’s relationship progressed, it was sweet and true (when they weren’t in the throes of danger), even if there is a slight age difference J  Overall a good story – but a word to the wise, don’t read this to lull yourself to sleep…sleep will definitely elude you, but the good news is you can finish the book sooner!


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