Remake Blog Tour and Review!!

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Remake by Ilima Todd

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars!

In the futuristic society of Freedom, people have a choice over everything about themselves in their seventeenth year, for their Remake…their name, their gender, their hair color, their height – literally everything can be changed to fit their liking.  But for Nine, the ninth girl in batch of twenty boys and girls only days away from their Remake, these decisions could not be more difficult.  Not like they were for her best-friend Theron, who’s already picked his name, gender, and trade.

But on the day of her Remake on the way to the Remake Facility, the aircraft she is on crashes, and she is left alone and scared.  She is outside of everything she has ever known – Theron is gone, Freedom is too far away for her to reach on her own, and she is in a strange new world she’s never seen or heard of.  And when the strange people named “Dad” and Kai rescue her on the shore of this new world, everything she thought she knew about the world outside of Freedom is flipped upside down.  She’s pulled into the bizarre things called a “family” – they are born from woman, not made inside a factory, they have struggles, triumphs, and happy times.  They love, hate, and feel…nothing like in Freedom – and Nine begins to wonder if everything she’s learned her past 17 years has been a lie.

I enjoyed this story a lot – there was a little bit of romance, action, and enough sci-fi aspect to keep anyone interested.  It is always so interesting to me to see how our future is interpreted by others – will we be zipping around in little space cars, or will we outgrown our technology so quickly we fail?  I thought that Nine was a very strong character – while not street smart at all, she is willing to learn and see that things aren’t always what they seem.  I also loved how Nine learned about relationships – the different kinds there are, and how they make you feel.  Growing up in a factory with no nurturing or physical affection, Nine grows to enjoy the family aspect – of loving another and being devoted to just them…but is it too late, is she destined to do other things?  You’ll enjoy finding out!




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