The Curse Defiers (Curse Keepers Series Book 3) by Denise Grover Swank

the curse defiers

The Curse Defiers (Curse Keepers Series Book 3) by Denise Grover Swank

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 ½ stars!

The last few months of Ellie Lancaster’s life has been a little crazy…finding out that the 400 year old curse was indeed real and inadvertently breaking said curse, dealing with demons that would like nothing better than to send her on a one way trip to hell, having Collin Dailey betray her (after she fell in love with him and their souls were literally bound together), her father sacrificing himself to close the gates of Popogusso…oh, and then there is the gorgeous professor, Dr. David Preston who has stolen her heart.  Yeah, for any normal person, a nervous breakdown should be in their near future.  But not Ellie – she’s a Curse Keeper from the Dare family line, and she is one bad ass girl!

Ellie is just trying to get by – with the occasional demon visit, keeping up with her family’s inn since her step-mother Myra moved away to take her dream job at Duke University, and dealing with her soul being bound to Collin, but her heart belonging to David, she feels like something has got to give.  And when David gets a lead on the sword capable of killing demons, Ellie is convinced she has to see it and the two journey back to Chapel Hill to learn more about it.   But nothing with the curse is easy, and Ellie is once again reminded of just how deeply rooted the curse is in her life, family, and relationships.

Let me start by saying I LOVE Denise!  She is by far one of my favorite authors – I thoroughly enjoy all of her books!  And this one started off the same – I enjoyed it from beginning to end!  But I was left feeling slightly “let down”…that was until I heard there would be more books in this series.  The ending was by no means bad, but I just felt like there was still so much unfinished business, but really, it’s just more Ellie to look forward to!

This story is so creative and such an amazing spin on some tribal beliefs – only in the mind of Ms. Grover Swank could she make a love story/mystery/ fantasy all rolled into one be such an amazing compilation of someone’s life, story, and background.  It was extremely well thought out and executed with a knock-out punch!   Take that Okeus – nothing will ever be easy or expected with Ellie Lancaster around 🙂


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