Exiled: Kenly’s Story by Sophie Davis

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Exiled: Kenly’s Story by Sophie Davis

**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review**

5 HUGE stars!

Sophie Davis has done it again…pulled us into the world of the Talented and the entire atypical world that they encompass. Though this time around, we get to hear the story of another of the Created – someone that was supposed to be Talia’s protégé back when they were both in TOXIC together…Kenly Baker. And she is a world she is no longer she’s familiar with…London, England – at a time that is instrumental for the Talents or Chromes as they are known in England. Their safety and equality is being brought into question, as the Coexistence Treaty – meant to add a layer of protection for those with Talents – is on the verge of being overturned.

Kenly finds herself in the slums of London, in a frightening world that she isn’t used to – there are new dangers and bone chilling new threats that may be enough to intimidate even a Created such as herself. But when she reluctantly befriends another group of Chromes (Talents) on her journey to lay low and stay off of United’s (the agency that keeps the Talents in line) radar, she learns what relying on someone else is truly about – and maybe realizes a few things about Talia and why she turned “traitor”. Sometimes, there are people worth fighting for – and Kenly has found that in the eccentric group of James, Willa, Riley, and Honora…they’ve been on their own, keeping a low profile so the dreaded Poachers or gangs can’t capture them and sell them into a horrible life of servitude to the “collectors” that gather Chromes like one would collect vases or paintings.

But can Kenly get over her attitude and come together with the lot of friends, or will she run and try to face things on her own? Does Kenly still have some trust left to let them in and help her…perhaps knocking down the walls around her and James’s hearts in the process? Oh goodness, I sure hope so! I am so excited that we got to hear the story from another point of view other than Talia’s – someone without the personal link to TOXIC as Talia did. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Talia and Erik (can’t wait for the next book – eeeeek!), but it was awesome to really get to know someone else that has been effected by being a Created. It was a great story that, of course, ties into the other stories as a whole, but just from Kenly’s shaded POV. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series – another amazing job girls 😉


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