Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch


Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 3 ½ stars!

Having grown up in the Underworld with Hades as her adopted father, Khara knows all about darkness.  But when a Dark One, a Fallen Dark angel comes for her 5 months before he is supposed to, Khara knows that things are going to change, something she is not prepared for.  So when she wakes up in Detroit in an alleyway, she maintains her no fear mantra – especially when a strange boy approaches her demanding answers about who she is.   And upon trying to dispatch her and grabbing her arm to steady the deadly blow, the young man is halted in his tracks.  He reveals that he is her brother, Drew, and that she has other brothers, all fathered by Ares – but she is special, as she is the first female born to him in a very long time.

Drew, along with her other brothers Casey, twins Pierson and Kierson, and their freeloading Fallen angel of Light, Oz, they help bill in some of the gaps for Khara and explain what they are tasked to do – maintain the balance between the natural and supernatural worlds.  But as Khara learns, not everything is what it seems and she is being hunted for what she is – an Unborn angel.  Not knowing who to trust, she ventures along with her brothers in search of what Khara’s purpose is – Light or Dark, life or death.  Where is she supposed to turn for help…only a certain Fallen angel has answers, but he’s going to make Khara work for them – which could lead to her ultimate doom.

Khara is very matter of fact – and I really like that about her.  She’s strong and brave, all part of her upbringing in the Underworld.  She is by no means a jaded or naïve young lady.  My only complaint about her as a character is that it seems like she’d be more damaged – again, due to where she lived and who her surrogate parents were.  Her brothers were awesome – completely kick ass guys!  I really liked how they all had different and specific personalities – it really made them out as individuals instead of just a group – “The Brothers”.  And while there was some romance, it feel a little flat in that subject for me – I would have loved to of seen a little more of the developing relationships.  A very enjoyable start to the series – I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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