Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel by Sherry D. Ficklin

queen of someday

Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel by Sherry D. Ficklin

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars

Love, betrayal, treachery…in her short 16 years, Princess Sophie of Prussia has seen it all.  But seeing as she is meant for great things at the Russian Court she comes to expect that her life won’t always how she would like it to.  So when her mother is sent a letter from Empress Elizabeth of Russia regarding a possible marriage between her nephew and heir to her throne and Sophie.  The idea excites Sophie, but she knows she will have some stiff competition.  Upon seeing Peter again, she is unimpressed, but knows that it is her duty to her family and her county to do whatever it takes to secure the throne.

As she settles into the winter palace, she meets several people – Sergei, of the Empress’s Imperial Court, and Alexander, one of Peter’s Lords, Alexander.  While they both fascinate her, Sophie soon begins to enjoy Alexander’s company more than a Princess who is promised to be matched to the Duke should be.  And while they make plans of their own, there are those that would have Sophie disgraced, or even dead, than see her take the crown.  Through it all, Sergei is there to protect her – both physically and mentally – from the pain of the court.  But when Sophie and Alexander’s relationship is found out, she fears for her life – and not that she’ll just be shunned by the Empress and sent back home – but the fact that 16 years is all she will see.

I really liked that this was Ms. Ficklin’s interpretation of how Sophie’s, later to be known as Catherine the Great’s younger years were like.   The historical aspect was fascinating and well portrayed!  It was heart-breaking how at such a young age, Sophie was made to endure such a loss of true love and made to comply to the whims of a bitter, selfish crown and court.  But through it all, to know what a great ruler she became is amazing.  I thought it was an interesting interpretation of the life of young Sophie/ Catherine’s life, and quite possibly how some of the circumstances that she was dealt as a young lady, made her the person and leader she became.


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