Author Interview: K.R Conway and a GIVEAWAY!


I recently got the honor of interviewing author, K.R. Conway – who’s book “STORMFRONT” – is about to be released on August 13th.  I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing both of her books so far in the series UNDERTOW and now STORMFRONT (click here to see the review) – and was instantly immersed into a world of unlikely friends, love, and a lifetime of family secrets.  I am anxiously awaiting finding out what happens in the final book of this awesome series!

Not only was Ms. Conway kind enough to allow an interview, she ALSO is generously contributing to fans (and FUTURE fans) of both my Facebook site and hers!  It’s so easy – all you have to do is like both of our Facebook sites through the Rafflecopter giveaway below!  The contest winner will win an autographed book for the first book in the series, UNDERTOW – what better way to start then at the beginning?  The contest will run from Friday, August 8th, until Wednesday, August 13th (which is of course the release date of STORMFRONT), and is open to US residents only.  Best of luck – hope you enjoy the series as much as I have 🙂  And a big THANKS AGAIN to the terrific K.R. Conway!!

Without further ado, my interview with K.R. Conway:


1.) When did your interest in writing begin?

Actually I never intended to be a writer. I was a Forensic Psychology major, but every time I had to write something in college, the professors were like, “You should really think about being a writer.” I thought they were high . . . Sure enough, I was hired as a book editor right out of college and quickly thereafter as a journalist for magazines and newspapers. That was 16 years ago. UNDERTOW started out with me just messing around with a few scenes and posting them to Facebook. Suddenly everyone was nagging me to finish the story . . . so here we are 🙂

2.)  Have you based any characters off real people?

Yes and no. MJ is based on a friend, Ana is a combination of Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica and Peyton from One Tree Hill, and Jesse was based on a high school friend who was killed in Afghanistan. The rest are my imagination (warped as it is). The setting however is pure Cape Cod.

3.)  How/ where did you find inspiration?

Music, nightmares, and Cape Cod. The story is set (the entire series) so I am no longer so deeply dug into the “inspiration” stage. I’m more in the “pure panic” stage because I need to get the next 3 books done.

4.)  What book made the strongest impression you as a child?

Oh heck . . . Ummm. I guess The Great Gatsby.  In high school we also got to read the Book of the Dun Cow and Rebecca which I found both creepy and addictive.

5.)  What is one thing about you that would surprise your readers?

I drive a 16 ton school bus during the school year filled with teenagers. Like I said, I’m a bit warped.

6.) What’s your favorite snack food when you’re writing?

The M&Ms don’t stand a chance of survival.

7.) Do you have a favorite place to write?

My office, though I write in my head before I sit down to write at my desk. I tend to do the most writing while driving . . . which backfires when I miss a stop on the bus and the kids yell “YOU MISSED A STOP!”

8.) Do you have favorite music to listen to when you write?

My playlist is massive because I always rock when I write. It is mostly dominated by alternative bands and some old school rock. Pretty Reckless, The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, CREED, The Faders, The White Stripes, Fitz and the Tantrums, Linkin Park, The Killers, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Slash, Motopony…

9.) What is one piece of advice you would like to give aspiring authors?

Study the craft of writing and storytelling by being a MEGA reader – I can burn through 5 novels in a week and I try to make sure I read a minimum of 2 a week. Something is always on my nightstand. Welcome criticism and be ready to change your story if your Beta team (dedicated advanced reader team) tells you something is not right. Few new authors will do that – I always rely on the sound judgement of my Beta team. UNDERTOW was 20k words longer than what it is now. We chopped that much, because although the scenes were really fun, they didn’t push the story forward.

10.) Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers and fans?

Just thank you. For all the praise and crazy fandom that the cast of UNDERTOW has sparked. It has been crazy. I’d also say that I am an Indie writer – I have no publishing house, so the only way I am known is when readers tell people about the book. I am ever grateful when people repost on Facebook to their friends that they are reading my book – Twitter, their blogs, and Instagram is great too. I can only climb into the public eye with the help of my fans.

11.) Sneak peek of the next book – what’s in store for Eila and Raef in STORMFRONT?

STORMFRONT is more character driven, exploring Eila, Ana, Raef, Kian, and MJ in detail. It also sets down a lot more twists and turns and we get a glimpse of who Elizabeth really was to those who knew her. I will say that I lay down a TON of breadcrumbs through every book and many times a reader won’t realize they have read a clue until a later book. It is a time consuming process to weave such an elaborate web, but I promise – then end of the series will be epic and I’ve never seen it done before.

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