Stormfront (Book #2 in the UNDERTOW Series) by K.R. Conway


Stormfront (Book #2 in the UNDERTOW Series) by K.R. Conway

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!!

She survived…what should have killed Eila Walker, only brought her out on the other side stronger and more determined to fight the invisible evil that lurks in the shadows.  But her protector and love Raef O’Reilly is convinced that her brush with death was all his fault, and he is now keeping an arm’s length from Eila and the blossoming relationship they were discovering.  But that is not the only thing that is weighing down on Eila – the FBI’s investigation into the “bomb” that went off at The Breakers (aka Eila and her Lunaterra “light show” going off in order to kill the Mortis that were trying to turn her) and the mysterious diary that was her great-great-great-grandmother’s is locked up tight – her only hope of discovering how to use and control her powers – and the key is in the hands of the family of her mortal enemy…the gorgeous cheerleader Nikki Shea.

But with Ana, MJ, Raef, and Kian by her side, she feels like she is finally starting to come into her own and is at least beginning to understand the events that occurred back in 1850 when Elizabeth sacrificed herself for the good of the world.  This all comes with the realization that her great-great-great grandfather is non-then Christian Raines, the mysterious business man they went to for answers on the fateful night when Eila came into her powers.  But with the knowledge that she is the last of her kind beginning to leak out of their small circle of trust, is there any chance for Eila to learn to use her powers without endangering herself and the others…or is she doomed to live an isolated life to keep the world safe?

Let me start off by saying…HOLY.CLIFFHANGER!!!  I mean, wow – Ms. Conway has definitely learned the how to leave the reader waiting with baited breath for the next book!  I was fortunate enough to be able to read and review both books in the series now, and it has only gotten better and better!  Eila is seriously figuring out who she is and who she wants to be.  She’s always in good company with her eccentric group of soul-thieves, a shape-shifter, and a reloader – they are always there for her anytime she needs either a shoulder to cry on or a butt to kick (as she learns to develop her physical fighting skills).  I am thoroughly looking forward to reading the next chapter in Eila’s story – if it’s anything like the first two books, it will take you on many twist and turns, on the verge of tears and laughter and any given moment!  Great read!!


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