The Girl with the Blood Red Lips: Book One of the Curses in Crimson Trilogy by V.B. Marlowe

the girl with the blood red lips

The Girl with the Blood Red Lips: Book One of the Curses in Crimson Trilogy by V.B. Marlowe


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 3 stars!!

Neva Albano is obsessed with apples, can’t look in a mirror, and she can’t kiss a boy without sentencing them to immediate death.  See, the stories they’ve told about her always include a “Happily Ever After”…only problem is, she’s still in her story – the end hasn’t happened yet, and if it does, it certainly won’t be happy.  And of course, the fact that she have been living the ages of fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen over and over again for the last 200 years hasn’t helped the time pass quickly either.  But at least her father (aka The Huntsman) is with her – stuck inside the horrible curse for all eternity, or until she brings the witch who cursed them the heart of a teenager, which Neva is horrified to even about.

Neva has a few friends – Aubrey, the only “school” friend who accepts her oddities, like her strange apple fetish, and Henry who lives behind her, but she’s never met him face to face, as he forbids it due to his mystery “illness”.  And while the popular Noelle isn’t friends with her, she at least is kind to Neva, unlike her two best-friends, Hadley and Mia who tease and harass her relentlessly.

But when a popular boy named Tate asks Neva to attend a party at his house – and assures her that Mia and Hadley will be on their best behaviors, she reluctantly agrees – after all, Neva has had a crush on Tate since her first day of her sophomore year at his high school.  Before she knows it, she is in with the popular kids – something that has never happened over the past 200 year affliction.  And of course it starts to blow up in Neva’s face and she starts wondering why she ever let her guard down in the first place, as things begin spiraling downhill rapidly.

Who will make it out, and will Neva and her father EVER get their Happily Ever After?

While this book was a rather quick read, I really enjoyed the fun twist on the fairy tales – that it’s not all sunshine, roses, and Prince Charmings.  Life is real and unfortunate things occur, even to good people.  Neva’s character is a hermit, she doesn’t trust or befriend many people – but for her, it’s a coping mechanism she has developed to keep herself and others safe from her curse.  This story is creative and chilling – a great combo for a fun read!


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