The Revealed by Jessica Hickam

the revealed

The Revealed by Jessica Hickam


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 4 stars!!  I couldn’t put this book down – I read it in one day!

Lily Attwood has everything going for her – she smart, pretty, and the possibly the next First daughter to the President of the North American Sector.  After a world war that has wiped out most of the world, and made most of the rest fairly destitute, Lily should feel lucky that she has a big beautiful home, with all the technology, staff, and knowledge at her finger tips, but seeing as she is eighteen years old, and the mysterious rouge group known as The Revealed that takes eighteen year olds and then vanish into thin air is after her, she feels she has no real purpose in life.  The Revealed will get her – it’s just a matter of when they will come and take her…to her death, as most think, just another of the Taken Eighteen (the name they have given the eighteen year olds that have been taken).

As her father and mother campaign for the first presidency since the world war against Roderick Westerfield, Lily just floats through every day – waiting for the Revealed to sweep her away from everything she knows.  That is until she runs into Kai Westerfield (who should be her sworn enemy, as he is the rival’s son) at a gala her family throws one night – the night that the Revealed attacks the party, but spares her – leaving her unharmed.  And while they were family friends before the war and acquaintances at school – Lily has some serious trust issues.  But Kai tries to prove he is different – matured since high school, especially as he is now a part of the armed forces that help protect their Sector.   After several meetings, she and Kai form a bond – he is the only other person that can possibly understand how she feels being cooped up in her home while their whole life is decided for them – who they can talk to, who they can be friends with, what they can learn…feeling cut off from the rest of the world with their fathers both vying for the presidency.  But when Kai is sent off for a mission without so much as a text to tell Lily, she finds herself wondering if she ever really knew him at all.

And upon her next confrontation with the Revealed, Lily wonders if all she’s been taught is a lie, or the truth, and she has no idea who she can trust…as those she thought she could trust turn out to be the wrong choice, and those she thought were the wrong choice she can trust – but can she convince those that matter most to her in time to save their lives?

Lily is complex, but a little boring – all at once.  At times, you wonder how anyone can be so naïve, and other times how someone could be so mature – she doesn’t make good decisions at first, but she definitely begins showing some maturity near the end of the book.  She learns that being strong and loyal are important – and all of her decisions have consequences, good or bad, that she will have to live with.  I thought it was a very intriguing story and concept – I mean, who wouldn’t love to have mind powers every once in a while?!?  I’m really looking forward to seeing how things go for Lily in the next book – very promising future, but I guess it’s all about the decisions we make…free will can end up being our down fall!


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