Glitch (Lost in Time Book 1) by Brenda Pandos


Glitch (Lost in Time Book 1) by Brenda Pandos

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 4 ½ stars!!

How would you like to be able to have a visit with your future self…what would you be doing twenty years in the future, who would you marry, how many children would you have?  For 18 year old Abigail “Abby” Masterson, living behind the safety and security of the walls of Brighton – to keep alive and well from the zombies that are running uncontrollably around outside the walls and would like nothing more than to have another midnight snack like her.  When there was a supposed zombie-apocalypse several years in the past, Abby’s parents had been lucky to be some of “The Chosen” that would be given the oral antidote after the outbreak of the virus that killed so many people, and were taken behind the protective walls of Brighton and governed by the Elected Agency or EA.  They have many comforts and conveniences, such as their DOD watches that showed them based off of their decisions and experiences how long they would live.

But the day before Abby’s visit with her future self or Complement as they call them, a blue eyed stranger passes her an illegal message on a slip of paper that tells her not to go to her Complement meeting…and ever the rule follower she is, Abby struggles with the possibility that it’s a test from the EA.  So despite the young (handsome) blue eyed boys message, Abby proceeds to her meeting the next day – and of course it’s nothing like she expected it to be (not to mention the staff all acts oddly before and afterward once they realize she was born in a leap year).  Afterward, with the help of her best-friend Elle, they look for the mystery “Blue Eyes” on the security cameras in Elle’s brother’s apartment.  But all they see are furry looking bears – but no suspicious people lurking around.

So when Abby is awakened by her neighbor’s dog in the middle of the night, and she goes to the window to shush it – she sees Blue Eyes down the street, peering up at her window.  And when she starts to panic, she turns smack into none other than a Yeti – who kidnaps her, along with the mysterious Blue Eyes and removes her from the protected world of Brighton.  Upon stopping, the young man (Blue Eyes) won’t tell her anything about why he’s taken her, only to tell her that he’d warned her not to attend her Complement meeting and he is just trying to keep her safe.  Enter Memphis, who then gives a name to the Blue Eyed kidnapper, Kaden.  He tries to make light of the situation – accept for when he is scolding his brother, who is none other than her kidnapper, the handsome blue-eyed young man Kaden.

Feeling so lost at why Kaden took her, she is soon thrown into a world that she thought was the world of the past – of freedom and lies told at the hand of the EA and Brighton officials.  But what would it cost her to go back to Brighton, her family and friends, and all she has ever known?  Should she stay with the mysterious Kaden and Memphis, are they trustworthy, or not?

I enjoyed this as a nice change of pace from the normal “teen” books that are out there right now.  It was a very creative world with imaginative characters and contraptions in it…and of course with the whole zombie-apocalypse aspect, that kicked the story up to a whole other level.  I think the story was well developed for the most part, but once some time traveling came into play, it was REALLY hard to follow the who, the where, and even at times, who was where.  I am very much looking forward to seeing how Abby and Kaden’s stories progress in the next book – good start to a creative new series!


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