Mirror X by Karri Thompson

mirror x

Mirror X by Karri Thompson


**I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 3 ½ stars!!

When 17 year old Cassie Dannacher awakens in a strange room filled with doctors – people she’s never met before, she’s in shock…but that shock is escalated when she is told that everyone she ever knew has been dead and gone for over a thousand years, she is scared and numb. Even after everything is explained, she still can’t believe that after the helicopter crash that left her brain dead, she was cryogenically preserved and is now several years in the future and alive – with the assistance of the adorable (and young) Dr. Michael Bennett.

But when it is explained to Cassie that she is the be the savior of the world, as she is the only fertile female in the world after a plague wiped out over 50% of the population and left all the women left in the world sterile, she starts to see that this new world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Especially with people like Dr. Simon Little heading up the “re-population” that is expected from Cassie and her children. But when Cassie finds out that she was artificially inseminated (against her will) while she was still in the medically induced coma while she was recovering, she now has not just her life to worry about. And the news continues to get worse for Cassie and her female offspring, as Dr. Little expects them to basically be the saviors at repopulating the world, but at the expense of freedom and choice. Cassie can’t live with that and upon the birth (and Dr. Little’s kidnapping) of her daughter Victoria, she and Michael decide that what’s best for the is to run…as far away as they can get. But of course it is never as simple as it sounds; but with the help of their techy friend Magnum, they may just make it our – alive and free.

I really liked the plot of the story, but I felt like it fell a little flat at times. Cassie really wants to be strong, but as she feels so along without her family and friends, it’s a hard road for her. I loved all the technology and robots that were throughout – they had really creative names and purposes. But what bothered me is sometimes I felt a little lost at how I got from one page to the next – it was just little gappy for me. Overall, and enjoyable story, but could have been cleaned up a little to have been really outstanding!


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