Going Down in Flames (A Going Down in Flames Novel) by Chris Cannon

going down in flames

Going Down in Flames (A Going Down in Flames Novel) by Chris Cannon

**I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

Being a high school student is hard enough, but for 16 year old Bryn McKenna, she just found out that she is also a dragon – and not just any dragon, but a one of a kind hybrid of the red and blue dragons…which by the dragon community’s standards, she is known as an abomination a they are not supposed to marry or mate outside of their own clans.

Enter Zavien, as dragon from the black clan (one of the more neutral clans) who wants to help Bryn as she is hauled off to the mandatory “Institute” where all young dragons are supposed to attend and learn how to be the best they can be in their clans.  But there are many of the clans that do not agree that she should be there, let alone alive.  Can Bryn get through the Institute alive and show the other dragons that she won’t give up without a fight?  And is Zaiven to be trusted, or is he just there to destroy her like the others in the clans?  For Bryn, she has to wade into the dangerous water of attraction for Zaiven, and the distaste of the dragons as a whole…so far, turning 16 is not all it’s cracked up to be!

I LOVED this created and well thought out plot!  And Bryn is a tough little thing and she is willing to fight anyone who threatens her or anyone she cares about!  I was very fascinated by the premise of the book and was extremely impressed how the book played out.  The path that Bryn is taken down in such a short time is a crazy one – but I love that with some newly acquired friends (and one adorable…no, hot young black dragon in particular) by her side, she learns that she is up for big things, as long as she remembers to keep forging her own path!  This is an amazing debut novel for Ms. Cannon – I foresee great things in store from her!!


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