Extraction by Stephanie Diaz


Extraction by Stephanie Diaz


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

3 1/2 solid stars!

In a skewed version of the world, in Kiel, where the “Surface” is the considered to be unsafe, only the most “Promising” of citizens are extracted to the Core where they will be safe from the moon’s acid.  The extracted are put through tests and brain scans in their sixteenth year and they are tested on their strength, obedience, and intelligence.

Clementine is all three, and an excellent candidate for extraction, but of course that means leaving behind her best-friend Logan, who was denied extraction just one year earlier, as he was born with a slight limp.  So when her dream of leaving the unstable surface is realized and she is chosen to be extracted, she has mixed feeling about the phenomenon.  Her hope is to get in well with the “Developers” who select the extracted and see if they are willing to make an exception for Logan, as she is devastated to be separated from him.  But before too long, Clementine starts to see the Core life isn’t all it’s been taught it is.  There is still cruelty, lies, and deception at every turn – so the question is, can Clem handle it, or will be separated from Logan forever, with both of their deaths imminent?

While Clementine is smart and strong, she struggles with obedience.  She knows she is supposed to listen to and trust those in charge; she just has a hard time seeing the good or rightness in them – making her a target and a potential threat.  And while she does make a few friends in the Core, she also makes some very powerful enemies.

At times, Clementine feels like a bit of an empty character – she’s strong, but then she gives in; she is very smart, but she turns around and makes a stupid decision.  Also, I feel like at times the store was a little hallow or lacking.  I was able to make quite a few easy predictions that came to fruition that could have had a little more depth to them.  I loved the story and concept, but was just left a little wanting by the end of the book.  Still, I am looking forward to the rest of Clem’s journey in the next book.


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