Undertow by K.R. Conway



Undertow by K.R. Conway

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Upon being gifted a million-dollar estate in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Eila Walker and her guardian Mae uproot their lowly lives in Kansas and move to their new home.  Without anyone to even thank as the auctioned estate was mysteriously purchased and placed into her name, Eila and Mae are just thankful they no longer need to work their fingers to the bone to live.   Knowing no one and not much about her new home, she sets off on another new adventure as well…staring her new high school.

She makes a few friends her first day, as well as another boy that is also new to the school – who is of course model gorgeous and seemingly interested in her, much to the popular cheerleader’s chagrin.   Along with her new friends MJ and Ana, and the mysterious hottie Raef O’Reilly, she feels her way through her new town and starts learning that some odd things have been happening in the Cape.  Coupled with the frightening dreams of a woman’s possible death, Eila doesn’t know who she should turn to.  She knows that it would just freak Mae out, but can she trust her new friends – or is there someone out to get her?

I really enjoyed this story – while of course it follows the similar lines of girl + mystery/ off limits boy = teen romance, it had a different twist that I wasn’t expecting.  Eila is a little bit clueless, but she definitely is a self-sacrificing girl that is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect those she cares about, but she often gets herself into trouble as she is ignorant to the curse that plagued her family.  I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens next to Eila, MJ, Ana, and Raef!


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