Awaken: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams



Awaken: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

When Sophia St. James survived the kiss of death from the charming Demon Knight, Dante, she thought that she was done with Hell and it’s demons – and that she could move on with her training as a spirit walker…that and she was finally free to love the gorgeous angel Michael Patronus.  Of course, they have to keep their love a secret as an angel isn’t supposed to have a relationship with a human…EVER!  But with Sophia’s Dad slowly getting back to normal after his brush with the demons, she is just ready to move on with her life.

Michael is in love…and he’s finally seeing his love for Sophia not as a weakness, but as a focal point to concentrate on their love – especially as he is FINALLY selected to begin the trials for the Halos of the Son, and elite team of angelic warriors.  Sophia is his center and their love is the one thing he can count on without a shadow of a doubt…that is until she begins training as a spirit walker, which Michael is immensely against due to the danger she would encounter.

And in the depths of Hell’s Death Bunker, Dante is facing great pain and suffering for his deception when he was in Haven Hurst…for his intent to bring Sophia back to hell instead of her father, whom he had a death contract on.  He still believes that Sophia contains the spirit of his true love from many lifetimes ago, and he promised her he’d come back for her.  Of course she can’t remember any of it.  But when he gets a chance to sneak out of hell and his daily torture, he jumps at the opportunity to see Sophia again and try to convince her she really does love him.  He needs her in hell with him…

While the first chapter sort of lagged a little bit, as soon as I got going with the rest of book, I couldn’t put it down!  The love that Sophia and Michael have is just so passionate – and while they aren’t supposed to be together, there is something about a forbidden love that makes it that much better.  But add in the inevitable and dreaded love triangle once Dante makes his way back from hell to claim what he feels is rightfully his…and fireworks is an understatement.  I love that Sophia feels a strong conviction for what she feels she is supposed to do with her life in becoming a spirit walker, even when Michael and a lot of others caution her of its dangers.  She is strong and committed, which makes her a great leading lady.

Now, please be warned…MAJOR cliff hanger at the end of this book – I think I almost yelled out loud in protest!  I cannot WAIT to see what the conclusion of the series brings…if it’s anything like the first two, be prepared for twists, turns, and lots and lots of steaminess!

(This is book 2 in the 3 book series.)


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