If I Were You (Inside Out Series) by Lisa Renee Jones

if i were you


If I Were You (Inside Out Series) by Lisa Renee Jones


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

When high school teacher Sara McMillan is left with an auction storage unit her good friend and neighbor Ella bought, she is at a loss at what she should do with it…that is until she is introduced to diaries of Rebecca Mason and the deep dark secrets that are written within her diaries.  Suddenly, she has a driving need to find out more about this mysterious woman and her passionate relationship with her enigmatic lover and the fiery passionate affair they share.  Sara is thrust into a world of bondage, subs, and doms…and control.

In researching the life that Rebecca seemingly disappeared from, Sara is lead into a life that she could only dream of – the only problem is that its Rebecca’s life.  Sara goes to the art gallery where Rebecca worked upon vanishing, and by chance she meets the manager of the gallery, Mark Compton, who ends up hiring her to replace Rebecca while she is out on “hiatus”.  She is also introduced to the tormented Chris Merit, there is an instant connection between them.  But as Sara starts to investigate upon starting work at the gallery, she suspects that either Chris or Mark to be the “Him” written in to the steamy diaries…the man that consumed and possessed Rebecca to her brink.

Through her many interactions with Mark and Chris, she finds herself freed to start really seeing what she wants in her own life…and in her love life.  While Chris begins to pursue her, Mark tries to dominate and control her.  But through it all, she keeps up with her investigation of what happened to Rebecca, and where did she go?

This book was S-T-E-A-M-Y!  Not overly graphic or unpleasant, but it was intense and engaging.  The relationship that blooms is amazing – two people who find who they want to be with and going after them with full force was hot!  But what made this book more than just another “mommy porn” book was the story – about Sara and Rebecca.  The similarities and differences who made them both who they were was great – and in her quest to seek the truth, Sara finds more than just a few clues about just what happened to Rebecca.


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