Just Sing (The Seven Oaks Series Book 1) by Rene Gilley

just sing

Just Sing (The Seven Oaks Series Book 1) by Rene Gilley


Not only is the music program cancelled at Lily O’Brien’s school, but her family has to sell part of their farm, Seven Oaks, to pay their back taxes – not a good start to her summer!  But when two wealthy families build their mansions on part of their old land – Lily thinks life is over as she knows it.  She now has a constant reminder that part of her family’s legacy is gone.  And to make matters worse, when one of the families moves in at the start of summer, they have a son her age, Aiden…and he is gorgeous!  But he’s also cocky, smooth talking, and very broken.  Half the time he acts like he’s never met her, and the other half he acts she might get her first kiss sooner than she thought.

With her own brokenness to deal with, Lily slowly befriends Aiden.  With her alcoholic father, her mother that took off when things got difficult, her jealous aunt, her little brother Shawn, and her Gram – the only glue that holds them all together, she begins to see that life could be better with Aiden in it.  And when her old voice teacher tells her about a few music schools that she might be able to get scholarships for, she thinks she is finally getting the break she’s been waiting for.  But is it in the cards for Lily’s life to finally go the way she wants it?

This was a good story – a really good debut for Ms. Gilley.  However, the story felt very choppy, and not put together the best in some places – it didn’t flow well.  It felt like a character would be feeling one way or talking about something in particular, and then all of a sudden they would be thrown into a entirely different frame of mind/ conversation, without resolving the prior feeling/ train of though.  Also, seeing as the books had the word “Sing” in the title that it would have more of a musical aspect, but it was sadly missing.    I am looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Lily – but am definitely hoping it’s a “smoother” ride the next time through!


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