Friday FREE-day – SUPER SIZED! It’s a giveaway!!!

Okay, so today is a SPECIAL free-day…it’s a CONTEST!!!  And it is so super easy!!  What’s at stake you may ask…?  Only a FREE set of  The Talented Saga (Books 1-4 plus the 2.5 novella) paperbacks by Sophie Davis – AUTOGRAPHED!!  Here’s how you enter:


  • Like my Facebook page here
  • Like Sophie Davis’s Facebook page here
  • Comment below with your Facebook name and that you liked both – that’s IT!  So easy, right?

talented saga

Please don’t forget to comment – otherwise your entries won’t count!  Also, feel free to SHARE this with all your friends 🙂  This contest will run from today, Saturday May 10th through Sunday, May 25th – so that’s two FULL weeks for you to enter!  If you haven’t read anything by Sophie – you are SERIOUSLY missing out!  Everyone who’s read her books has LOVED the series!  Good luck – have a terrific week 😉


33 thoughts on “Friday FREE-day – SUPER SIZED! It’s a giveaway!!!

  1. Hey Soph. I know I already have a set, but I’d love to win 2.5!! And give the others to my best friend, Matt Bellairs.

    • Hi momof3boysandaprincess – what’s your Facebook name? I’ll be selecting a winner by tomorrow morning – so if you can reply by then (6/4 by 9 AM PST), I can add you to the giveaway 🙂

      • I just checked, and it says I’ve liked your page. I went ahead and unliked it so that I could relike it (#76); hopefully it shows up this time 🙂 If you want, I can email or message a screen print to you. Thanks!

      • So weird Sara – I can’t find you! But I trust that you’ve liked (since you commented back) – I’ll go ahead and put you in there 🙂 Sorry about that…it’s like the others I couldn’t find – I’m sure they’ve liked it as well, but I can’t see them either 😦

  2. I liked both. The link for Sophie Davis’s facebook page took me to a fan page, though.
    Kristina Allen

  3. Hi, I liked your page (already had liked Sophie Davis’ page) and my Facebook name is Jasmine Snyder. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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