Forbidden: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams



Forbidden: The Soulkeepers by Lori Adams


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Sophia St. James needs a fresh start…so when her Pastor father moves her to the Podunk town of Haven Hurst, she decides that things are going to be different for her here.  But on her way into Haven Hurst, she sees an accident between a jack-knifed semi and a small compact car.  Her hearts stops when she sees the handsome blond that appears completely unaffected by the trauma…and then a horrible pain in her chest and the “second heartbeat” starts.  Seconds later, a “grungy guy” skulks upon the scene, but the young blond begins fighting him…but it seems like Sophia is the only one that can SEE the exchange.  She thinks that she MUST be seeing things now, along with HEARING things – like her deceased mother’s voice in her head…

Michael Patronus is an angel…but no one knows this about him.  His job is to blend in as much as possible, attend high school, and protect the human soul’s within Haven Hurst, along with his “brothers” Raph and Gabe, his “cousin”, Milvia, and his parents (as angels are born of light, they are not actually blood related).  But when he sees that Sophia can actually SEE him in his spirit form, he is deeply troubled…especially since he felt an awkward attraction toward her, which angels are NOT supposed to feel.

Dante Dannoso wants OUT of Hell…he’s been there for seven centuries and ready to find the spirit of the love that he died for so long ago for.  But he didn’t know that he’d go straight to Hell for the sake of love.  But when he is picked as one of the Chosen, a demon with reaper capabilities, it helps pass the time at least a little quicker.  And for Dante, he is the Demon Knight of Persuasion – and his demon was hungry after being stuck in Hell for the last four hundred years…and he’s been craving the spirit of his love, who is inside none other than Sophia St. James.

And when the three come together, sparks are going to fly – angels and demons aren’t exactly friends!  And when Sophia’s attraction toward both boys gets out of her into trouble on both sides of Heaven and Hell, who will she turn to – and which boy will win her heart?

I really enjoyed this book – I liked that the angel and demon sides were brought into play.  I thought that Sophia was a strong enough young lady, for a girl that has gone through the loss and other emotional difficulties she has.  And both Michael and Dante are very dedicated to their crafts – and of course the love triangle doesn’t hurt any!  Definitely recommend this book – although it’s another “cliché” angel book, I liked the differences the author offers in this book!


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