Grimnirs: A Runes Book by Ednah Walters


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Cora Jemison has just been to Hel and back…not the Hel you may think of, but her own person Hel…after seeing some of her swim teammate’s ghosts being lead away by angelic beings after the pool was struck by lightning and she starts seeing other ghosts after the tragedy at her swim meet, her parents of course become worried and take her to the doctor, and he convinces them to commit her a mental institution.  And now that she is out, she will do ANYTHING to never go back there again.

So when she meets Echo, the tattooed man in leather who seems to be able to communicate with and take away the ghosts, she doesn’t know whether to be afraid or thrilled…especially since he acts like he knows her (intimately!!) and talks to her about her “job”.  She is baffled, yet intrigued by the gorgeous mystery man.

After her brush with Echo (and more ghosts {SIGH}), she is more than ever ready to get back to her “normal” teenage life – by going back to school and her vlog she loves updating…but she soon realizes that everything she thought she knew about her so called friends (Eirik and Raine didn’t visit her ONCE through her stint at PMI – the institution she was at, and then she finds out that Eirik has left without saying goodbye…so much for true love).  Since the Norms (who she can’t remember ANYTHING about, as they erased her memories  of them) as still messing with her life, it’s like she never left – seeing as the evil Maliina (an Immortal Norm) has been pretending to be her while she was at PMI.  When she finally forgives Raine (her BFF), she starts finding things out about all the oddities that have been occurring around her – from the mysterious and sexy Echo to why she is now receiving straight A’s and her beloved vlog has been updated, even though she can’t remember doing it herself.

Piece by piece, through the help of Raine, Torin, and Echo, Cora starts realizing what has happened, and why she can see ghosts.  It all boils down to the evil Norn Maliina and the jealousy that she harbors toward Raine and all of those that are connected to her.  Once Raine, Torin, and Echo reveal what and who they really are to her, Cora feels like her life finally starts to make more sense…as well as her attraction to Echo.  Through it all, she learns she CAN count on her friends – and even Echo – to be there until the end.

I LOVED this bridge between Immortals and the soon to be released Seeress!  I thought having a book from another’s perspective was brilliant – and showing the love story that Cora engages in did at times make me blush a little, but it was an intricate part of her final decision in the book – a love that reaches across all time and space.  I cannot WAIT for  Seeress to come out to see what else the Norms are going to throw at Raine, Torin, Cora, Echo, Eirik, and the rest of the Valkyries.


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