Sing Sweet Nightingale (The Dream War Saga) by Erica Cameron


**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Hudson Vincent is troubled to say the least.  And when a promise he’s made ends up causing the death of his little brother, he wants to retaliate against those who he holds responsible…the demons that pretend they’re your friend, but in truth, they are sucking your very essence out of who makes you, you.  So when he has a premonition about a girl he’s never even met, he knows that his life is meant to intertwine with hers – he is supposed to save her from the Dreamworld and the demon that is draining her life-force dry.

Mariella or “Mari” is a talented musician, she had friends, and she talked…a LOT – or at least she used to.  8 years ago, that all changed – but no one except Mari herself knows why.  Her parents took her to specialists, psychologists – everywhere they thought they could get help, but ultimately, she is labeled with “Selective Mutism”, and tagged as strange and odd.  Little do they know that the reason Mari has stopped talking was to keep the secret of her beloved Orane’s world that she goes into every night.  And so Mari has withdrawn from everything that makes her who she is.  Enter Hudson, who knows nothing about Mari’s situation, but does have experience with the demons that pretend to be the only one who care about you and take you under their wing in their ever-changing Dreamworld.

With the help of K.T., a girl that has grown up with Mari (even though Mari can’t remember her), Hudson will embark on the adventure of a lifetime – to save Mari from the peril that lies ahead, upon her 18th birthday.   But will they make it in time – 8 years is a long time, can Mari remember who she was before it’s too late?

I couldn’t put this book down – it was smart and witty, but still had some mystery.  I loved how author Erica Cameron used her knowledge of Psychology to make the perfect Dreamworld that was amazing, interesting, and complex – just like Hudson and Mari!  Terrific start for her debut novel – I can’t wait to see what is to come next for Hudson, Mari, and K.T.!


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