The Shadow Prince (Into the Dark, #1) by Bree Despain

the dark prince

**I received a free copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review**

Haden Lord works for the devil…well, not quite the original devil, “Hades”, but one of his predecessors, King Ren…whom also happens to be Haden’s father who disowned him at the age of 7 years old. So when Haden is selected as the “Champion” over his twin brother Rowen to go into the “Overrealm” or human world to collect a Boon (another woman for the harem to help the Underlords grow), he thinks he has finally found the thing that will bring him into his father’s good graces. But does Haden know the whole story? When the name Daphne Raines is literally carved into his arm as the “Boon” that is to be brought back, he knows that the next 6 months will be the pivotal to his future in the Underrealm and renewing his status as his father’s right-hand man.

But Daphne Raines is living a quite life with her mother in the small town of Ellis Fields…working at her mom’s floral shop with her “Uncle” Jonathan, and her best-friend CeCe. Until her rock-star of a father that has been missing for most of her life shows up with a court order to take her back to California to live with him. He tells her that he has gotten her an opportunity at a prestigious arts school where she can pursue her singing career. Reluctantly she agrees and moves the same night with her “Father”, Joe Vince to California – even though her mother disagrees with the decision, she stands by Daphne.

Upon getting the Olympic Hills, a prominent community with many high ranking people living within it, Daphne ends up meeting Haden…but he scares her off as a stocker and she is immediately repelled by him. But as many girls end up injured and the new-to-town (not to mention gorgeous) Haden tries to get closer to Daphne, they both start realizing things that point toward this not being any run of the mill Champion mission. SLOWLY, Daphne starts to spend more time with Haden, and thus their adventure begins…

I REALLY enjoyed this book – I think it was great that the prospective alternated Haden and Daphne, it gave a great look at what the both were thinking and feeling, along with those around them. I cannot WAIT until the next installment of this series comes out! Daphne and Haden are just awesome together! A strong and intelligent couple that will save the world…and each other along the way!


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