Talented by Sophie Davis

This is SERIOUSLY one of my all time favorite book series of all time!  Sophie pulls you in an leaves you salivating for what is coming next!  Make sure to check out this book and all the others in the series – Caged (#2), Hunted (#3), and Created (#4)!

Book review of “Talented” by Sophie Davis

An AMAZING and Talented author! I loved this book – it was part fast paced with a ton of action and adventures, as well as part love story. **Please note there may be some spoilers in the content below**

Natalia Lyons, or Talia for short, is a Talent – she has a special ability due to the “Great Contamination” over a hundred years prior that caused a lot of natural disasters – which lead to a nuclear contamination. The result was the Talented who have special abilities such as Morphing, Light Manipulation, Viewers, Telekinesis, or the rarest type of Talent – a Mimic which can take on any Talent from someone around them. Talia is Telepathy, but a very exceptional one referred to as an advanced Mind Manipulator.

Since her parents were murdered right before her eyes when she ten years old, she has wanted to hone her skills, especially when the director of the McDonough School for the Talented – Danbury McDonough, aka Mac, and his family – take her in and adopt her as a part of their family. And now Talia is a Pledge to the Hunters (aka Spies) through the “Talented Organization of Exceptionally Interesting Citizens or TOXIC, so she can take revenge on those who tore her family apart and killed her parents – whom she believes is another group of Talents called the Coalition who is lead by Ian Crane.

Beside her through her training is her boyfriend, Donavon – who is also the son of Mac, as well as her team mates Henri and Erik. As her training progresses, she and her team build a strong working bond. Using Erik’s morphing skills along with Talia’s telepathy skills, the three of them are able to communicate without uttering a word out loud, which comes in very handy while running missions. Throughout her training, Talia feels Donavon slowly pulling away from her, but she tries to maintain their bond. Then she meets Penny, who is a Pledge for the “BRAINS” or Cryptos. They become fast friends, which Talia likes as the only other friends she has are her boyfriend and her two team mates. Once Talia and her team go on their first mission, it quickly goes from bad to worse when Talia is seriously injured. Erik helps her – using his mimicking talent – by taking the pain away while Henri tends to the wound. From that moment on, Talia and Erik share a special bond.

Upon returning their compound, things between Talia and Donavon become even more strained. When he leaves for a mission of his own, Talia is feeling the pressure of their relationship, but knows there are more important things at stake. While he is gone, Talia starts feeling things like jealousy regarding Erik, but again, she quick tries to dismiss them, but the keep nagging at her in the back of her mind. But when Donavon’s betrayal hits too close to Talia’s heart and she finds him with another girl in his bed, she explodes and blows up his cabin.

Mac then sends Talia and her team on several missions, but she walks around like she is in a fog that just won’t lift – so she throws herself into her training and preparations. As her skills and confidence build – as well as her feelings for Erik. Finally, she is called to Mac’s office to complete her “Solo mission”, which is basically like their graduation – and it isn’t just any solo mission…she is to infiltrate the compound of Ian Crane himself. Just as her relationship with Erik starts to bloom, she is off to Las Vegas for her mission. But when she runs into trouble and comes face to face with Ian Crane himself, Talia is injured and forced to make a quick getaway. Lucky for Talia, she is able to activate her tracker before she blacks out. The TOXIC operatives – Donavon in particular – finds her and she is rushed to the awaiting plane. But when Donavon finds a letter from Erik to Talia he gave her right before her mission that explains how he came to be with TOXIC and about his family, it’s anyone’s guess on how Donavon will react – will he give the note to his father, or back to Talia and keep Erik’s secrets safe?

I just LOVED this book! Talia is strong and smart, and while she is a flawed human despite her abilities, she is real. And I thought that the “love triangle” was brought around well – Erik seems too hot for words! Can’t wait to see what happens next in this amazing series!  Highly recommend 🙂



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