Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

Plus One

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Book review of Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

 To start out with, “Sol” Soleil Le Coeur is a brave girl.   She is bound and determined to allow her dying grandfather, Poppu, to hold his brand-new great-granddaughter…the child of her brother Ciel that was reassigned from Night as a “Smudge” to Day as a “Ray” about three years prior.  And in a system where Smudges are looked upon as the “less significant” of the population and live at night, and sleep all day, it was the worst possible thing that Sol could imagine – especially when her Poppu’s health is declining rapidly.

 So she makes the decision to get into the hospital somehow during the “day” shift once she’s heard of her niece’s birth…and how does she do this without getting a curfew violation?  But obtaining an injury that doesn’t look intentional…everything goes as planned until she meets her doctor, a young medical apprentice named D’Arcy Benoit who cares for her while she’s getting her finger mended.  And when she sees the opportunity to so what she has promised, she strikes and removes her niece from the hospital nursery to meet Poppu…but things go downhill quickly for Sol – especially when she realizes she has taken the wrong baby.  D’Arcy or “Day Boy” as Sol calls him comes looking for her once he realizes what she has done, and throughout the story, they start to appreciate that they are more similar than they would like to admit.  They end up protecting each other – until the end.

 The story starts out a little slowly, but once it gets started, it doesn’t stop throughout.  There are a few slightly confusing parts if you’re not paying attention where the story jumps from past back to present – but it does show the times and days when they jump back to present, where the past scenes are usually just labeled with a title instead of a specific time.  I thought the story was extremely well written and had some element of surprise around every corner.  I love Sol’s fierce protective nature – she wants to take care of those that care for her.  But she still is a very spirited girl that wants to buck against authority.  Sol is definitely that sun – and I was captivated from the first paragraph.  I’d without a doubt recommend this book to anyone looking for a non-paranormal YA coming of age story that is a soul bearing story of love and loyalty.


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