Munchie Monday – Crock-pot Salsa Chicken

So, today I’m keeping it easy.  I have a sick little one at home this morning, so if that don’t scream “MAKE DINNER EASY TODAY”, I don’t know what does 🙂  This is literally two easy ingredients, in the crock-pot, and you’re done for the day!  Dinner will be perfect, and your domestic diva status will stay in tacked, even if you are giving snuggles on the couch all day!  The other great news about this meal, is it keeps on giving – it will give you enough to serve your family of 4 or 5 for 2-3 nights!  You can have it as tacos on night one, quesadillas on night two, and chicken salad on night three!  How much better can it get?  Hope your Monday is Munchie and not too wet/ snowy!

Crock-pot Salsa Chicken

  • A large bag of frozen chicken (with at least 5-10 pieces, depending on what kind of chicken you choice – we use breasts, but you can also us thighs)
  • A large container of you choice of salsa (approx. 67 oz size)

Spray your crock-pot thoroughly with cooking spray.  Add the bag of chicken to the crock-pot, and then add the entire container of salsa.  Place cover on and cook on high for 6 hours or low for 8-10.  Remove each piece of chicken, shred, and place in a bowl.  Ladle out some of the salsa into the bowl of chicken (to help retain some moisture).  Then serve and enjoy!  It’s soooooo easy – it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


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