Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Book review of “Don’t Even Think About It” by Sarah Mlynowski

Don’t even think about it…unless you want “them” to know about it. Who is “them”? The kids of Homeroom 10B…and they know it ALL – literally! After most of the Homeroom class of 10B gets their flu shot, within the next few days, they slowly start developing some odd side effects – other than the normal fever, headache, or sore arm after the shot. People are talking, but their mouths aren’t moving…”they” are hearing what others, “themselves” included are hearing!! And when you can hear what everyone is thinking, things are bound to go wrong!

Olivia, Mackenzie, Pi, Nick, Sadie, Copper, Tess, BJ, Jordana – they are just a part of the final 21 teens that develop ESP. Yeah, meaning they can hear not only what you are saying, but also what you are THINKING!! Secrets are spilled, relationships are tested, and feelings get hurt…and that’s just the beginning!

I thought this was a great story-line (the IDEA of the story), but wasn’t that excited about how it was presented. I didn’t like how there wasn’t really any actual “main character”, that when they talk about themselves, they all it as an “us” or “we”. While a few of the character’s stories were more prominently told, I think I would have like to see maybe near the end to see it was one or two of their story. There were some also some parts of the story-line that were never followed up upon – like in one part, “they talk about how they figure out “they” figure out they can push their own thoughts into someone else’s mind (how I interpreted that was they could make people think in the way “they” want them to), but that was never followed up on. All-in all, a fun story with some real life experiences, but just though it could have been executed a little bit better.Image


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