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scarlet night

Scarlet Night (Behind the Vail Book 1) by Megan J. Parker

Zane’s horrific past is forever etched into his skin.

His anger and pain overcome his body and turns him into the beast he’s come to accept himself as.
But, is there a way to save himself from the beast he has become?

Especially when the anger makes him feel complete…


Serena can’t let go of the past, and, in the spectral embrace of her murdered lover, Devon, she has little reason to…

Until Zane arrives on her doorstep (and blows it into splinters).
However, she can’t deny the true desire she feels in Zane’s strong embrace.
Will she be able to resist Zane’s mysterious allure, despite her own budding passion?

Especially when the passion makes her feel complete…


As their personal pasts continue to haunt them,
the future for them and their clan grows evermore in
jeopardy of the malicious schemes of a familiar force.
Can an untamable beauty finally submit to her destiny,
and can a slaughterous beast be swayed of its catastrophic nature?

Or will the lover and the fighter be doomed to lose themselves amidst the chaos?


trouble in mudbug

Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series Book 1) by Jana DeLeon

Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana.

Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.

DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty.




Wild-born (Psionic Pentalogy Book 1) by Adrian Howell

A telekinetic teenager. A telepathic child. A psionic war.

When young Adrian Howell discovers he possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, he is plunged into a sinister world of warring paranormal factions and terrifying government organizations. Adrian must discover what really happened to his missing sister. But to do this, he will first have to find his place among fugitives like himself, and protect the life of a deeply scarred child who can speak only through her mind… a child who will change Adrian’s life forever.

Here are just a few – please note, I have not read ALL of these books, and there the prices are subject to change at any time!  So don’t delay, go get some FREE books today!  Let me know what you think for them!

Hush (A Lakeview Novel, # 1) by Stacey R. Campbell


Hush (A Lakeview Novel, # 1) by Stacey R. Campbell

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars!

This light and breezy read about 17 year old Blakely Henry who just may or may not be a long lost princess to the Tamuran throne was charming and witty.  It touched on all the right notes and gave the reader a little bit of everything – romance, betrayal, mystery, and laughter – all in all a great combination for the intended audience!   The characters are fairly well developed, but seeing as they are teenagers – they of course have some naivety about them that comes off as enduring.

Our heroine Blakely is extremely likeable and funny, just like any typical teen – and Max Ryder, the adorable Scottish gent that is investigating if Blakely is the missing heir to the Tamuran throne, is dependable, smart, and quick witted – even  if he’s completely predictable in his immediate attraction to Blakely.   A great CLEAN book that would be enjoyable for middle school aged kids to adults alike – who knows, maybe you’re really a long lost princess too!

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Guess what day it is??  IT’S Friday free-day!!  That means it’s more post about some great FREE books for your Kindle or supported device!


Banded by Logan Byrne

In dystopian Manhattan, society is divided into six zones, with each one representing a citizen’s benefit to society: Stalwart (strength), Astute (intelligence), Collusive (greed), Radiant (beauty), Quixotic (no life direction), and the Altruistic (willingness to help others).  On a citizen’s sixteenth birthday, a computer suggests a new zone for them based on their inherent benefit to society.  When Kalenna Slater is sorted out of her home zone Quixotic and into Altruistic, she thinks things can’t get worse.  Life looks dismal until she meets Gavin, a boy also just sorted into Altruistic who becomes the light needed on her cloudy days.

During sorting she receives a device known as ‘The Band’.  It’s a large watch-like device that never comes off, and it measures a citizen’s karma on a scale from one to one hundred.  If a citizen does good, they gain points.  If a citizen does bad, including breaking laws, they lose points.  When your number reaches zero, the band acts as judge, jury, and executioner, and you are injected with toxins that kill you within minutes.

After sorting, recruits are taken to a three month long mandatory school named HQ.  It’s at HQ she meets new friends from different zones, and finally begins to feel at ease.  Everything goes well until a rare trip home makes her discover that her father, who has been missing for a decade, may have taken part in a terrible program that stands to shake the fabric of society.



boyfriend from hell

Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels Saga) by E. Van Lowe

Fifteen year-old Megan Barnett and her single mom, Suze, have a special relationship—they are friends, close friends, who do almost everything together.

“But come on, guys, she’s my mother… Can I really tell her that while we’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Spider Man Three, I’m secretly undressing James Franco with my eyes? Of course not…”

The special bond takes a turn for the worse when Suze decides to start dating again. She hasn’t had a man in her life since Megan’s father left ten years ago.

Enter two mysterious young men, Megan’s new classmate, sinfully attractive bad boy, Guy Matson, and the dangerously handsome art dealer, Armando. Before long Megan and Suze both wind up in steamy relationships. But neither of the handsome pair is quite what he seems. In fact, one of them is Satan, with his sights set on a new bride. Megan has precious little time to figure out how to stop him. If she doesn’t, either Megan or Suze are quite literally going to HELL.

“Boyfriend From Hell” is the first book in the Falling Angels Saga from the author of the gruesomely hilarious, “Never Slow Dance With A Zombie.”


twenty eight and a half wishes


Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery Book 1) by Denise Grover Swank

The first book of the USA Today Bestselling series!

For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is bad even before she sees a vision of herself dead. She’s had plenty of visions, usually boring ones like someone’s toilet’s overflowed, but she’s never seen one of herself before. When her overbearing momma winds up murdered on her sofa instead, two things are certain: There isn’t enough hydrogen peroxide in the state of Arkansas to get that stain out, and Rose is the prime suspect.

Rose realizes she’s wasted twenty-four years of living and makes a list on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt: twenty-eight things she wants to accomplish before her vision comes true. She’s well on her way with the help of her next door neighbor Joe, who has no trouble teaching Rose the rules of drinking, but won’t help with number fifteen– do more with a man. Joe’s new to town, but it doesn’t take a vision for Rose to realize he’s got plenty secrets of his own.

Somebody thinks Rose has something they want and they’ll do anything to get it. Her house is broken into, someone else she knows is murdered, and suddenly, dying a virgin in the Fenton County jail isn’t her biggest worry after all.

Here are just a few – please note, I have not read ALL of these books, and there the prices are subject to change at any time!  So don’t delay, go get some FREE books today!  Let me know what you think for them!

Friday FREE-day – September 5th! Kindle books on Amazon!

Guess what day it is??  IT’S Friday free-day!!  That means it’s more post about some great FREE books for your Kindle or supported device!



Cursed (Cursed Magic Series, Book One) by Casey Odell

The night Claire Tanith’s small village is attacked, her mother sends her alone into the cursed forest, the one she’d been forbidden to enter all her life with these mysterious words: ‘They will protect you.’

On the run from her attackers, she soon finds the forest is not as abandoned as she’d once thought.

Beautiful and elegant, the elves seem to be everything the legends said they would be. But legends sometimes forget the true history of things and Claire’s eyes are soon opened to a world she never knew. One that has been kept from her for most of her life. All Claire wants to do is return home and start looking for her mother, the only family she ever had. But the elves have different plans. The mysterious mark that appeared on her arm isn’t a curse, at least not to them anyway, and before she knows it, she is whisked away on a mission she never agreed to, unless they help her in return.

Now she is stuck on an adventure with the perverted elf, Aeron, and one with an attitude, Farron. But there is more to this adventure than she’d ever hoped for.

game, set, match


Game, Set, Match (A Humorous Contemporary Romance) (Love Match Book 1) by Nana Malone

Off the court, tennis star Jason Cartwright’s playboy image is taking a public beating. On the court, he’s down forty-love. A knee injury is shutting down his game, and the paparazzi are splashing his love life on every magazine. A comeback is in order, but the makeover he needs to save his faltering career is in the hands of the woman he loved and left fifteen years ago.

While single-mom, Izzy Connors, sees people for who they really are through the lens of her camera, even without it, she knows Jason isn’t the star he appears to be. Although his charm and good looks haven’t dimmed since he broke her heart, all she sees is his wasted talent and playboy lifestyle.

Can Izzy put the past behind her and help Jason get his game, and his image, back on track? Or will the click of her camera shatter his world as well as his heart?



Sovereign (Sovereign Series Book 1) by E.R. Arroyo

Chemical warfare has obliterated most of the world, including America, and the survivors have turned into feral beasts, save one colony, Antius, the last remnant of civilization. Seventeen-year-old Cori (aka Citizen 1206) only longs for wide open spaces and freedom. But Antius has no use for such things, just mindless drones to serve in a place with walls, fences, and laws. A lot of laws, which Cori constantly breaks. So she’s spent years plotting her escape, which is the only thing that will save her from the colony’s deranged leader, Nathan. She isn’t looking to be a hero, and she certainly isn’t looking to fall in love, but she just might do both.

Here are just a few – please note, I have not read ALL of these books, and there the prices are subject to change at any time!  So don’t delay, go get some FREE books today!  Let me know what you think for them!

Claimed By Light (A Bound By Hades Novel) by Reese Monroe

claimed by light

Claimed By Light (A Bound By Hades Novel) by Reese Monroe

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

5 stars!

Having lived for hundreds of years…easy – falling in love and being vulnerable, that is truly terrifying to Gate Keeper (or demon hunter) Halena Girard!  After her sister or Companion as she was called is killed in the line of duty, protecting her, Halena has had a very hard time letting anyone in.  But when a smooth talking Slade Bennet comes walking to up to her at a local bar with ulterior motives of his own, she can’t help but feel something for him…he’s different, she can sense it.

Sent on a mission for the very demons that Halena kills, Slade is there for one thing, and one thing only – to save his little sister Abby from the fate of being a demon the rest of her life…even if that means betraying the gorgeous red-head and turning her over to the demons.  As Slade watches the demons do their worst to Halena, he figures he is just an innocent bystander who is protecting his baby sister, given their parents death when she was young – and of course, Slade now feels responsible for his rebelling sibling.  But is that all there is to it, or was the passion and lust that was between he and Halena real, before he turned her over to be tortured by the demons she is supposed to return to Hades?  With the help of other Gate Keepers and his little sister, Slade and Halena have to chose – fate or rebellion, as only one will work for them.  The Great One has a plan and Slade as her Mate is part of it, but is Helena strong enough to follow it blindly for the sake of the safety of humanity?

WOW – let me start by saying this book was great!  I had a hard time putting it down – there was action, romance, betrayal, and much more written through the pages of this book.  I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the context – how The Great One created the Gate Keepers, they dispatch the demons and keep the balance, etc.  And I don’t think there is a red blooded woman alive that wouldn’t want Slade fighting on their side!  He’s loyal (well, he ends up that way at least), loving toward his family, and H-O-T!  This was a very enjoyable read – looking forward to more from Ms. Monroe!

Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch


Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

Solid 3 ½ stars!

Having grown up in the Underworld with Hades as her adopted father, Khara knows all about darkness.  But when a Dark One, a Fallen Dark angel comes for her 5 months before he is supposed to, Khara knows that things are going to change, something she is not prepared for.  So when she wakes up in Detroit in an alleyway, she maintains her no fear mantra – especially when a strange boy approaches her demanding answers about who she is.   And upon trying to dispatch her and grabbing her arm to steady the deadly blow, the young man is halted in his tracks.  He reveals that he is her brother, Drew, and that she has other brothers, all fathered by Ares – but she is special, as she is the first female born to him in a very long time.

Drew, along with her other brothers Casey, twins Pierson and Kierson, and their freeloading Fallen angel of Light, Oz, they help bill in some of the gaps for Khara and explain what they are tasked to do – maintain the balance between the natural and supernatural worlds.  But as Khara learns, not everything is what it seems and she is being hunted for what she is – an Unborn angel.  Not knowing who to trust, she ventures along with her brothers in search of what Khara’s purpose is – Light or Dark, life or death.  Where is she supposed to turn for help…only a certain Fallen angel has answers, but he’s going to make Khara work for them – which could lead to her ultimate doom.

Khara is very matter of fact – and I really like that about her.  She’s strong and brave, all part of her upbringing in the Underworld.  She is by no means a jaded or naïve young lady.  My only complaint about her as a character is that it seems like she’d be more damaged – again, due to where she lived and who her surrogate parents were.  Her brothers were awesome – completely kick ass guys!  I really liked how they all had different and specific personalities – it really made them out as individuals instead of just a group – “The Brothers”.  And while there was some romance, it feel a little flat in that subject for me – I would have loved to of seen a little more of the developing relationships.  A very enjoyable start to the series – I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel by Sherry D. Ficklin

queen of someday

Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel by Sherry D. Ficklin

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

4 stars

Love, betrayal, treachery…in her short 16 years, Princess Sophie of Prussia has seen it all.  But seeing as she is meant for great things at the Russian Court she comes to expect that her life won’t always how she would like it to.  So when her mother is sent a letter from Empress Elizabeth of Russia regarding a possible marriage between her nephew and heir to her throne and Sophie.  The idea excites Sophie, but she knows she will have some stiff competition.  Upon seeing Peter again, she is unimpressed, but knows that it is her duty to her family and her county to do whatever it takes to secure the throne.

As she settles into the winter palace, she meets several people – Sergei, of the Empress’s Imperial Court, and Alexander, one of Peter’s Lords, Alexander.  While they both fascinate her, Sophie soon begins to enjoy Alexander’s company more than a Princess who is promised to be matched to the Duke should be.  And while they make plans of their own, there are those that would have Sophie disgraced, or even dead, than see her take the crown.  Through it all, Sergei is there to protect her – both physically and mentally – from the pain of the court.  But when Sophie and Alexander’s relationship is found out, she fears for her life – and not that she’ll just be shunned by the Empress and sent back home – but the fact that 16 years is all she will see.

I really liked that this was Ms. Ficklin’s interpretation of how Sophie’s, later to be known as Catherine the Great’s younger years were like.   The historical aspect was fascinating and well portrayed!  It was heart-breaking how at such a young age, Sophie was made to endure such a loss of true love and made to comply to the whims of a bitter, selfish crown and court.  But through it all, to know what a great ruler she became is amazing.  I thought it was an interesting interpretation of the life of young Sophie/ Catherine’s life, and quite possibly how some of the circumstances that she was dealt as a young lady, made her the person and leader she became.

The Duke of Snow and Apples by Elizabeth Vail

the duke of snow and apples

The Duke of Snow and Apples by Elizabeth Vail

**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

3 stars

Frederick Snow is in hiding from the life he left behind when he was he was 15 years old…away from the terrifying secret he keeps.  He has powers…powers that can destroy a person to the point of leaving them as nothing but a shell – the Gray takes over and slowly destroys them, until they die, just like his mother and his gameskeeper, Farnsby.  Which is why since then, he has been living a secret and private life as a footman for Lady Balrumple.  He keeps his identity and his powers a secret from everyone to protect them from the Gray, and himself.

That is until he’s assigned to the long estranged great-niece, Charlotte Erlwood.  He is intrigued by the young lady, but ever careful not to become too involved with her, for fear of the Gray.  At first she is indignant to him, treating him like a true servant, but she eventually comes to look forward to seeing him – if even just in the dining room or in passing through the halls.  As their affections for each other grows, they realize just how careful they need to be – as Charlotte is a lady, and “Freddy” as she calls him, is a lowly servant with nothing to offer her family.  So when her sister comes for a visit, along with the Duke of Snowmont and his companion Sir Bertram – and they bring a part of Frederick Snow’s life to light that he thought he’d be safe from…the Gray.  But can Frederick love Charlotte and keep her safe from the dreaded Gray?

[POSSIBLE SPOILERS} This is a great love story – I really liked how they were willing to give up everything to be together.  The problem I had with the story is the “fae powers” that everyone seems to have are never fully explained.  People just HAVE them – as they are apparently descendants of the fae – but it’s never explained WHY or HOW they kept the powers, or for that matter, what exactly Fredrick’s powers did.  I thought that Charlotte was a strong young lady, looking for her life to begin, and someone to share it even if it means marrying someone that she doesn’t love yet.  She wants security and safety…and while Freddy is neither of those things, he still manages to win her heart – but will it be enough?  I think with a little improved background, this could be a 5 star book for sure – the story is there, just didn’t quite come together like it could have.

Friday FREE-day – August 22nd! Kindle books on Amazon!

Guess what day it is??  IT’S Friday free-day!!  That means it’s more post about some great FREE books for your Kindle or supported device!


anywhere but here

Anywhere But Here (The Starborn Ascension Book 1) by Jason D. Morrow

What if you could see the future with a single touch? What if that touch revealed someone’s death, and that person was someone you loved? Would you do everything you could to change it?

In a post-apocalyptic world, where danger roams in many forms, seventeen-year-old Waverly seeks protection in the town of Crestwood after her boyfriend is ruthlessly killed by lawless raiders. But what she finds is a place wrought with mystery, shady dealings, and more instability than she anticipates.

The Starborn Ascension takes place 57 years before The Starborn Uprising, and can be read independently.


arena one


Arena One: Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy) by Morgan Rice

The #1 Bestseller, with over 100 five star reviews on Amazon!

New York. 2120. American has been decimated, wiped out from the second Civil War. In this post-apocalyptic world, survivors are far and few between. And most of those who do survive are members of the violent gangs, predators who live in the big cities. They patrol the countryside looking for slaves, for fresh victims to bring back into the city for their favorite death sport: Arena One. The death stadium where opponents are made to fight to the death, in the most barbaric of ways. There is only one rule to the arena: no one survives. Ever.

Deep in the wilderness, high up in the Catskill Mountains, 17 year old Brooke Moore manages to survive, hiding out with her younger sister, Bree. They are careful to avoid the gangs of slaverunners who patrol the countryside. But one day, Brooke is not as careful as she can be, and Bree is captured. The slaverunners take her away, heading to the city, and to what will be a certain death.

Brooke, a Marine’s daughter, was raised to be tough, to never back down from a fight. When her sister is taken, Brooke mobilizes, uses everything at her disposal to chase down the slaverunners and get her sister back. Along the way she runs into Ben, 17, another survivor like her, whose brother was taken. Together, they team up on their rescue mission.

What follows is a post-apocalyptic, action-packed thriller, as the two of them pursue the slaverunners on the most dangerous ride of their lives, following them deep into the heart of New York. Along the way, if they are to survive, they will have to make some of the hardest choices and sacrifices of their lives, encountering obstacles neither of them had expected—including their unexpected feelings for each other. Will they rescue their siblings? Will they make it back? And will they, themselves, have to fight in the arena?


daughter of the red dawn


Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada Book 1) by Alicia Michaels

On the outside, seventeen year-old Selena McKinley is like any other teenage girl. Yet Selena has always felt as if she doesn’t belong and is counting the days to graduation and her freedom from the small town that makes her feel so out of place, when the arrival of a stranger turns her world upside down. Selena will learn just how different she is and the truth of where she comes from.
A lost princess, they call her, the catalyst for a war involving a world that Selena was taken from as a child. An evil queen obsessed with her own beauty with a plan to enslave the human race.…the notion seems so silly, yet Selena knows in her heart that it is true. Then there is Titus, the shape shifter whose blue eyes and claims of destiny hold her heart captive. Can Selena find the strength to do what she must while following her heart?


Here are just a few – please note, I have not read ALL of these books, and there the prices are subject to change at any time!  So don’t delay, go get some FREE books today!  Let me know what you think for them!